Microsoft has an idea for a super secure notebook. His partners are already implementing it

Some clients require the highest level of security. At all costs, even at the cost of computer performance or convenience of use. With them in mind, Microsoft has developed the Secure-core technique.

Most of us are afraid - quite rightly so - of the theft of our digital data. Whether it's our digital identity on social media or our credit card information, cybercriminals are constantly hunting for unsecured and outdated computers.

We, consumers, however, are a relatively uninteresting target for digital thieves. It is different people working on highly sensitive data. So those who have access to classified government documents, confidential corporate data or other information for which a fortune can be obtained on the black market.

With these specific clients in mind, Microsoft has developed a set of solutions under the common name Secure-core. The company does not hide in the press release that it was inspired by the solutions of Dell, which in its selected computers installs an additional layer of low-level security directly in the UEFI computer.

The most secure Windows notebooks are Secure-core computers.

microsoft secure-core

As Microsoft explains on its blog , Secure-core mechanisms already operate at the computer's firmware level. It is a combination of solutions in the field of user authentication, virtualization, operating system security and low-level protection. Thanks to this, malicious software or other attack attempts can be neutralized before the operating system starts, which prevents the malware from being modified to modify its structure or disable security.

The Secure-core technique was developed, among others, in cooperation with Intel, AMD and Qualcomm. The first computers with this mechanism are to appear in the offer, among others, Microsoft, Dell, Dynabook, Panasonic, HP and Lenovo.

microsoft secure-core

The first models can already be ordered - for example, via the Microsoft website . The cheapest model on the list is Dynabook Portege X30-F ($ 899). The most expensive is the Dell Latitude 7400 2-in-1 for $ 2,169

Microsoft has an idea for a super secure notebook. His partners are already implementing it


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