Chrome 78 will allow you to dial the number on your smartphone from a browser

Google has made available to users a new version of its web browser. Chrome 78 introduces the ability to remotely initiate connections on a smartphone.

Chrome 78 introduces several new features , but the most interesting of them is sending numbers from your browser straight to your mobile phone. To do this, simply select the "Call from [smartphone model]" option from the context menu on the website after selecting the appropriate number sequence.

Thanks to this solution you will be able to choose e.g. a restaurant, cinema or hairdresser number found while surfing on your computer without having to manually rewrite it in the Phone application on your mobile device. After clicking the appropriate option on your computer, a notification will appear on your phone.

After tapping the notification in the Chrome browser , the connection to your Android smartphone will start immediately.

Certainly this feature will save users a lot of time on tediously rewriting numbers from the computer screen to the smartphone. However, I hope that in the future Google will develop this mechanism following the example of its competitor under the sign of a bitten apple.

In the Apple ecosystem, owners of Mac computers and iPad tablets can not only initiate connections from other devices, but also use them to make and receive calls. This is a much better solution than sending notifications to a mobile device.

Easy number sending to your smartphone is not the only novelty in Chrome 78 .

New is the pop-up window after hovering over the card. Instead of text, a window appears below the favicon, where the page name and domain are much more visible. In the future, graphic thumbnails of pages will appear here.

The Password Checkup extension is also integrated in the browser. Thanks to this, the browser will warn the user if his password for any online service has leaked and encourages him to change it. The latest Firefox has also received a similar novelty.

Chrome 78 - other changes under the hood.

In addition, the chrome: // flags menu in Chrome 78 will look a bit neater - many of the options on this menu will disappear. There will be an experimental option forcing dark mode on websites that do not officially support it.

As in Firefox, the DoH (DNS-over-HTTPS) protocol has also been built into the Chrome 78 browser. However, it works slightly differently than in Mozilla, which uses the Cloudflare service. Google does not modify DNS.

Chrome 78 will allow you to dial the number on your smartphone from a browser


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