Adobe wants to make the iPad a portable computer

Adobe is investing heavily in the development of iPad applications. We'll see full Photoshop later this year, but this is not the last word. In 2020, Illustrator will also appear on the iPad.

Photoshop for iPad ignited the imagination of its creators a year ago, when the first preview of this application appeared. Adobe promised that the application is expected to hit iPad in 2019 and is to be a full-fledged Photoshop about the capabilities of the desktop program.

Recently, the first specifics that the team of betatesters have shared came out, and their opinion is very critical of the application . Photoshop CC for iPad is very defective and primitive so far. It's hard to call it the equivalent of a desktop program.

Adobe employees assure that they are working on iPad Photoshop CC in full swing. However, this is not the end, because an illustrator for iPad will also appear.

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Adobe employees spoke after unfavorable opinions of betatesters, of course unofficially. John Gruber refers to them, claiming that he received the same information from several independent sources. Employees say Adobe is to take Photoshop CC on iPad to death seriously.

Photoshop is very intensively developed, but at the moment Adobe is struggling with time to fulfill the promise of premiere in 2019. The producer knows that the program will be defective at first, but employees ensure that Adobe will conduct a very aggressive development strategy, which is expected to result in frequent and numerous updates bringing new features.

I can believe it, seeing the development rate of Lightroom CC, which was also created from scratch. Initially, the program was very defective compared to Lightroom Classic, but quickly made up for the main shortcomings. Personally, I still prefer to use the old Lightroom, but I wouldn't feel limited if I processed photos on the new Lightroom CC on the iPad.

What about the Illustrator mentioned?

Gruber's sources say that Adobe is working in parallel on moving Illustrator CC to the iPad. This project has not yet been officially announced, but probably Adobe will be proud of it at the MAX 2019 conference in early November. The application is expected to hit iPad in 2020.

For graphic designers working on vectors, that's great news. You can see that Adobe takes the iPadOS platform very seriously. At the same time, it can be seen that the manufacturer has some problems maintaining the fast pace of application development. We will see and evaluate the effects in a few months.

Either way, iPad and iPadOS have already been a great success.

It is clear that no one will replace the workstation with a tablet, but the whole idea of ​​transferring programs to the iPad is not after competition with computers, but to provide users with new opportunities. Since part (most?) Of the graphic design can be made on an iPad, it may turn out that sitting all day in the office is not a necessity.

The iPad can already boast of a great package from Seriff, including Affinity Photo (an alternative to Photoshop) and Affinity Designer (a competitor of Illustrator). For now only iPad Affinity Publisher is missing. For this we have Adobe applications: Lighroom CC and Rush, which is a mobile, lighter (and unfortunately much more defective) version of Premiere Pro. A more developed editing program is the surprisingly rich Luma Fusion. Let's add great apps for cartoonists, including Procreate, and we'll get a fantastic tool that graphic designers could only dream of a few years ago.

It is worth noting that almost all of these applications are available only on iPadOS, which further strengthens the position of the iPad. Other manufacturers have strong and interesting tablets, but without software you can't compete with the iPad.

Adobe wants to make a portable computer from iPad


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