A new 40-inch Redmi TV is listed in the 3C certification unit of China

A few months ago, Xiaomi's sub-brand got fully into the TV market by launching its first Redmi TV . A TV of no less than 70 inches , which together with its 4K resolution , its Smart TV functionalities , but above all, its remembered price have made this product a claim not only for the inhabitants of China, but for us, those of us who live beyond the borders of the Asian country.

A new 40-inch variant would be added to this first model. And it is that as it appeared listed in the 3C certification unit of China , Redmi would shortly launch a new Redmi TV of smaller size, giving rise to a very economical TV.

If the 70-inch Redmi TV already has a price of 3,799 yuan, about 479 euros to change ($ 530), this new 40-inch TV could not exceed 300-350 euros . With this, the sub-brand of Xiaomi would enter a further in this sector, offering us an economic alternative without neglecting the intelligent functionalities and support for applications that are so demanded today.

List of Redmi TV 40 in the 3C certification unit of China. Xiaomi Addicted News

List of Redmi TV 40 in the 3C certification unit of China.

Otherwise, this type of certification does not show any other details except its code name L40M5-FA / L40M5-RA . For this reason, we will have to wait until the company shows up in this regard or until it appears in some other type of certifier revealing the rest of the characteristics.

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