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Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro: New Pricing and Features Leaked for the US and UK Markets

Google plans to the Google Pixel 8 and 8 Pro release date on October 4. New details about the phones’ pricing in the United States and the United Kingdom have now emerged online. Alongside the pricing, key features of both models have also been leaked. The Google Pixel 8 leaks show that it will cost … The post Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro: New Pricing and Features Leaked for the US and UK Markets appeared first on XiaomiToday .

Fujifilm X-Pro 3 is to be a digital and expensive return to the roots of photography

Fujifilm X-Pro 3 is presented as a camera that is the essence of pure photography. When I hear about the return to the roots of photography, I immediately think of a digital Leica without a display. The new mirrorless device does not go so far, but it is indeed a unique camera for modern times and refers to old solutions. Hidden display, innovative viewfinder Display mounting is an unusual solution. The main screen with a resolution of 1.62 million points is hidden by default and can be tilted up to 180 degrees down. Without it, only the smaller, square 1.28-inch color LCD screen is visible, protected by reinforced glass. The screen works regardless of whether the camera is on or off. In classic mode, the display shows photosensitive film simulation mode, white balance, and other image settings related to photosensitive cameras. Standard mode displays basic parameters such as shutter speed, ISO sensitivity, number of exposures remaining, and other shooting set

The smallest photographic matrix in the world. She will take pictures of our organs

The Guinness record has just been broken in the miniaturization of the matrix and the whole camera. The record sensor is just over half a millimeter in size. This baby was developed by OmniVision, the second manufacturer of camera matrices after Sony. The company is little known in consumer plaster because it focuses on areas such as medicine, automotive, monitoring and IoT. The latest OmniVision matrix has just broken the Guinness record. The new matrix is ​​only 0.575 mm in size. The new OmniVision matrix is called OV6948 and is already on the Guinness record list . The sensor is extremely small and measures just 0.575 x 0.575 x 0.232 mm. It is a BSI CMOS sensor with a resolution of 200 x 200 pixels, or in other words, 40 kilopixels. Very interesting, rarely used unit. For standardization, I will say that it is 0.04 megapixels. But what would a small sensor be without a tiny camera? OmniVision also thought about the packaging , i.e. a full photographic mod

Play is looking for 5G testers in Toruń. The first customers will benefit from the new generation of networks

The first Polish operators are already testing 5G outside the laboratories. Toruń is one of the cities that Play has chosen for the arena of such tests. Telekom is now looking for customers who will be willing to check the new generation of networks in practice. There is a good chance that, as promised by the Law and Justice election , the development of the 5G network in Poland will finally get off the hook. The Minister of Digital Affairs has already noticed that PEM standards (i.e. the permissible level of electromagnetic fields) are too strict compared to those in other European Union countries. Recently, his ministry issued a recommendation that it was time for a change . We are now waiting for the move of the Ministry of Health in raising the PEM standards , which will open the door to 5G development in Poland . However, telecoms do not cover pears in ashes and have long tested 5G - at first in laboratories and now also outside of them . It is not surprisi

To have all the music in the world, 20 PLN / month is enough. To have a video, you have to spend over PLN 300

In the case of music services, streaming has proved to be a godsend for consumers. One relatively cheap subscription gives us access to almost all world music. However, for video services, streaming is a cancer. Metastatic. I used Deezer, switched to Spotify, and finally landed on Apple Music. I pay every month as much as a new CD costs, and in return I get all new and worn discs. Well, not all, but in both Spotify and Apple Music - that is, in the leaders of the industry - there is almost all the world's music. Deficiencies are small and imperceptible to most users. Meanwhile, the video industry is starting to get crowded. Customers were surrounded by a crowd of companies that snatched their wallets from them, from which they draw PLN 30 each and transfer the portfolio to a competitor. They will nibble us anyway. Already today some pay even PLN 52 for Netflix, PLN 25 for HBO GO (I count at the new rate), EUR 6, or about PLN 25 for Amazon Prime Video. The co

This is how the first unboxing of the spectacular Xiaomi Mi Display Surface gaming monitor looks

A few days ago Xiaomi was fully launched into the gaming monitor sector. Two variants of 23 and 34 inches, which in the case of the latter, offers us some characteristics that match up to any other high-end gaming monitor but at a price of almost half. We talked about the Xiaomi Mi Display Surface , a monitor with 34-inch Samsung panel and WQHD resolution, intended for lovers of video games and eSport. In addition, this new monitor offers us a 21: 9 format along with an update frequency of 144Hz . Now, after its launch for sale last 21, Xiaomi shows us the first unboxing and launch of this spectacular Mi Display Surface. A video of almost 9 minutes where we can see from its box to its attractive design made of quality materials with almost non-existent side frames. In addition, as a curiosity the Mi Display Surface is tested using a Play Station 4 Pro and in this case executing the famous Red Dead Redemption 2 of Rockstar. That by the way, will go on sale next November 5 on PC

Expensive, more expensive, Huawei Mate X. The price of a folding smartphone knocks off your feet

Huawei Mate X, after numerous unpleasant adventures of this device and its manufacturer, will go on sale in November. The price is amazing. Huawei lays cards on the table. Mate X, the first foldable smartphone from the Chinese manufacturer, is expected to premiere on November 15 . The price will be (note ...) $ 2,400 It's as much as $ 400 more than the main competitor, Samsung Galaxy Fold, which has already hit the market. Galaxy Fold in Poland costs 9 thousand. PLN, so Mate X - if it appears at all - will definitely cross the 10,000 barrier. zł. Unfortunately, his presence on the Polish market is very questionable. Mate X will debut initially only in China. Huawei Mate 30 Pro , the latest Chinese flagship smartphone, is not sold in Europe or the United States. Of course, you can order it to Poland through unofficial channels, but it will be associated with many problems, because Mate 30 Pro does not support Google applications, including the Play store.

Chrome 78 will allow you to dial the number on your smartphone from a browser

Google has made available to users a new version of its web browser. Chrome 78 introduces the ability to remotely initiate connections on a smartphone. Chrome 78 introduces several new features , but the most interesting of them is sending numbers from your browser straight to your mobile phone. To do this, simply select the "Call from [smartphone model]" option from the context menu on the website after selecting the appropriate number sequence. Thanks to this solution you will be able to choose e.g. a restaurant, cinema or hairdresser number found while surfing on your computer without having to manually rewrite it in the Phone application on your mobile device. After clicking the appropriate option on your computer, a notification will appear on your phone. After tapping the notification in the Chrome browser , the connection to your Android smartphone will start immediately. Certain

Pixel 4 only in eighth place in the DxO ranking. However, this does not mean a bad camera

The DxO service has tested the Pixel 4 camera, and the result probably surprised everyone. Google's new smartphone, despite the large photographic traditions of its predecessors, took only eighth place in the camera ranking. The shared story of Pixela and DxO is full of ups and downs. I remember the moment when at the premiere of Pixel 2 Google boasted the result obtained in DxO. At that time, the smartphone overtook all competition and took the first place in the DxO table. Something went wrong with Pixel 3. The smartphone only got the eighth place, but then I fiercely defended it, while criticizing the methodology of DxO measurements. The website has not tested the most important function of Pixel 3 : "Standardized test procedures do not provide for unusual solutions, and yet these are the components of the third Pixel camera. DxO did not include the Night Sight mode results, which can do real miracles at night, and what is more, in many cases it also

A new 40-inch Redmi TV is listed in the 3C certification unit of China

A few months ago, Xiaomi's sub-brand got fully into the TV market by launching its first Redmi TV . A TV of no less than 70 inches , which together with its 4K resolution , its Smart TV functionalities , but above all, its remembered price have made this product a claim not only for the inhabitants of China, but for us, those of us who live beyond the borders of the Asian country. A new 40-inch variant would be added to this first model. And it is that as it appeared listed in the 3C certification unit of China , Redmi would shortly launch a new Redmi TV of smaller size, giving rise to a very economical TV. If the 70-inch Redmi TV already has a price of 3,799 yuan, about 479 euros to change ($ 530), this new 40-inch TV could not exceed 300-350 euros . With this, the sub-brand of Xiaomi would enter a further in this sector, offering us an economic alternative without neglecting the intelligent functionalities and support for applications that are so demanded today. Lis

The Polish record has broken. We have never earned as much as this year

Nobody has promised or promised this before, so it may be a surprise, but Eurostat data clearly show it. Poland had a surplus in public finance for the first time. About half a year ago. Read the full text on - the new Spider's Web website: The Polish record has broken. We have never earned as much as this year The Polish record has broken. We have never earned as much as this year

GoPro Max makes 360 movies finally make sense

GoPro Max is a new sports camera recording in 360 degrees, which is really sexy. I spent a weekend with her in Portugal and checked if she was as good as the producer says. On one hand, spherical films aroused general curiosity and admiration, on the other they were repelled by the lack of simple post-production possibilities. I tested several consumer spherical cameras and each was similar. Big wow during recording and a big disappointment when you had to do something with these movies. GoPro tried to solve this problem in 2017, but the GoPro Fusion camera, although offering good image quality, still suffered from all diseases of this type of device. As a result, spherical cameras slowly began to become a melody of the past, not the future. By the time. A lot has changed with the Insta360 ONE X camera. GoPro Max a year later follows a similar path, but acting in its own way. Sealed body under the GoPro sign One of the great advantages of GoPro Max is its siz

Xiaomi reinvents the Rubik s Cube by launching its own smart version compatible with Mi Home

If something is famous Xiaomi is one of its curious and practical gadgets. A wide range of possibilities that in most cases provide an extra attraction to some other product that already existed market. An example of this is this new intelligent didactic Rubik's Cube that will allow us to learn to solve it quite simply thanks to its compatibility with Mi Home . Xiaomi Mi Smart Cube is presented as a professional Rubik's Cube, made of high quality and resistant materials. Thanks to this , its continuous use is guaranteed practically for life without presenting any type of problem or wear in the rotation of its various mechanical parts. In addition, use is made of a new improved magnetic positioning system, thus achieving that the rotation of its moving parts is carried out in a much softer to comfortable way to the touch. Of rest, in its design, this new My Smart Cube could go through a conventional Rubik's Cube. The great novelty is found inside and is that this

Good news: the ozone hole is shrinking. The bad news is global warming

Record high temperatures in the stratosphere over Antarctica have resulted in one very positive effect - they have dramatically reduced ozone loss in September and October. Thus, we can enjoy the smallest size of the ozone hole, which we have been observing since 1982. This year's observations, conducted by scientists from NOAA and NASA, have brought very good news . After the ozone hole reached its maximum (this year) area on September 8 - i.e. 16.4 million sq km, it began ... to shrink. Currently, it covers an area of ​​approx. 10 million sq km The ozone hole is currently shrinking High temperatures currently occurring over Antarctica have slowed down the loss of ozone from our atmosphere. This is partly due to the fact that we were able to limit the use of aerosols that enlarged this hole. Nevertheless, NASA and NOAA scientists say the main factor behind its record-breaking size was the elevated average temperature in the stratosphere over Antarctica. Th

I have been dreaming of my own automatic curler since the first use. Teesa Dream Curls x600 - review

Teesa Dream Curls x600 is an automatic curling iron for all those who care above all about a safe and easy to use device. Like any girl with straight hair like wires, I have always looked with envy at my friends who were endowed with fate storms. I also wanted to have mischievous curls on my head, refined curves or at least romantic waves. It wasn't until I got older, reconciled with fate, that I took matters into my own hands and bought a simple curler with a clip. I don't use it often, because I just don't like the process of making curls. Therefore, when the opportunity appeared to test the Dream Curls x600 automatic curler from the Polish company Tessa, I did not hesitate long. After all, she has to do everything for me. I have to admit that I did not expect that curling can be so simple. Teesa Dream Curls x600 looks at least intriguing Let's start with what immediately catches the eye. Dream Curl x600 looks characteristic. I like her unusua

To run, ready ... music! Jabra Elite Active 45e - review

9 hours of work without charging, comfortable and stable construction, and complete water resistance - that's what the Jabra Elite Active 45e headphones promise to be in theory. And how is it in practice? Let's mind the least important - how headphones play Yes, I spend long weekly hours with headphones in my ears training, and at the same time I'm not interested in how the headphones play - to some extent. After all, while running or cycling, music should be just an energetic background - I can (and would like to) have other equipment to actually enjoy the music. But how do Jabra Elite Active 45e headphones play? To start with, two things need to be noted: 1) These headphones - like the other ones that I tested some time ago - are not typical in-ear headphones. You won't even find a set of ear pads here that would allow you to adjust the headphones to the shape of your ear. Not anymore - these are headphones that intentionally allow us a lit

This would be the Snapdragon 735, the new processor that we would see in the Redmi K30 and Xiaomi Mi 10T

Within the mid-high range of Qualcomm we find the 700 series. A complete family of processors reigned by the Snapdragon 730 and 730G to which a new Snapdragon 735 would be added giving way to the next Redmi K30 and Xiaomi Mi 10T . The new Redmi K30 is just around the corner, there is no doubt about that. And, in recent weeks, its CEO Lu Weibing has not stopped unveiling new details of the design and features of the next "killer" , exciting virtually all fans of the brand. This is joined by the arrival of Snapdragon 735 , joining the 700 family and incorporating attractive features as revealed by the renowned Sudhanshu Ambhore. Snapdragon 735 (SM7250) specs- 1x A76 @ 2.36GHz + 1x A76 @ 2.32GHz + 6x A55 @ 1.73GHz Adreno 620 GPU 7nm They don't match with previously leaked specs by @SuggestPhone , cause I've extracted these specs from a document. - Sudhanshu Ambhore (@ Sudhanshu1414) October 21, 2019 In case we would be facing a triple cluster design proce