YouTube has done everything to make News a flop. Google closes another messenger

With Google's applications for communication, it's like a Brazilian soap opera. They come, go away, hurt the hearts of users, multiply like mushrooms after rain. Today, Google presents episode 7312 of its soap opera: YouTube messenger is less than a month old.

Admit it - how many of you didn't even know that YouTube has its own messenger? Well, we have: from 2016 inside the most popular video application, we can also talk to friends and have heated discussions around the new an outstanding work of Polish patostreaming movie of favorite creators.

YouTube's intention to create a messenger was to extend the time spent by users on the site. The concept was pretty good - instead of leaving YouTube for some Facebook or other community, users were to share their feelings about videos within Google's service, thus looking at ads for longer spending more time on the site.

It could have been successful, were it not for the fact that Google, like Google, created the messenger, then completely neglected it, and then was very surprised that no one is using it.

That's how YouTube News ended - no one used it, so YouTube decided to plow it. On September 18, the service will disappear .

News on YouTube? I used it once and then forgot about their existence

YouTube for 3 years did not convince me that it is worth using the messenger function. He didn't even try to convince me! I've never seen any messenger advertisement, no pop-up reminding of its existence, no encouragement, because talk to friends on YouTube.

As a result, I used the messenger once: on the day of its Polish premiere. I added a few friends and had a two-stage conversation with Marcin Połowianiuk. And that would be enough.

YouTube has done everything to prevent anyone from using YouTube News

First of all - he did not encourage to use, and how else did he intend to convince users accustomed to other messengers?

Second - Messages were hidden in the same tab as notifications of new movies, comments, etc. If YouTube separated the messenger from notifications, it would be easier to remember and use it.

Thirdly - the messenger offered absolutely no function that would make it stand out from the competition. In fact, it offered virtually NO function - its functionality was limited to sharing the film, commenting on it, or touching the heart under the shared video. And it's over. Are you seriously interested in competing with Messenger, WhatsApp and other communication tools? Seriously?

Google has only one communication application.

We're talking about Messages, i.e. the SMS client for Android. This is Google's only communication application that has really worked, works really well, and since the News can also be used in a browser on a computer , it has some sort of difference over the competition.

All the rest of Google's messengers are a series of failures. Talk, Hangouts, Wave, Duo, Allo and others, whose names no one remembers today, is proof that while Google creates great services on a macro scale, so when it comes to creating a successful tool for interpersonal communication on a micro scale, the giant suffers a terrible defeat.

Goodbye, News on YouTube. It's time to stand on the shelf next to 172 other Google failed projects .

YouTube has done everything to make News a flop. Google closes another messenger


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