Your Mi account becomes much more secure: Xiaomi finally adds two-step authentication (2FA)

Following the large number of attacks that have targeted various accounts we use today, whether for Netflix, Spotify, Google or even the mobile phone manufacturers themselves, the implementation of two - factor authentication is Become something essential .

And is that if we use the latest statements provided by one of the research studies conducted by Google, two-phase authentication manages to avoid 100% of automated bot attacks , 96% of massive phishing attacks and 76% of targeted attacks.

What is this important authentication?

Today, there are innumerable tools or even books and video tutorials, how to obtain the access password for a particular service by performing social engineering, brute force, etc. In many cases, these methods turn out to be much easier to carry out than we imagine , putting the weaker passwords at risk.

With the authentication of two factors , also called two steps, it requires that once we have successfully accessed using our password, we validate this access through the use of another device , be it a cold medium (pendrive), a smartphone or even a code received by SMS .

You can also read: Xiaomi plans to strengthen the security of its smartphones by implementing OAID identification, a substitute for IMEI.

In this way, a much greater security improvement is achieved, since, to the possible cyber-criminal, it will not only be enough to obtain our access password, but we will also have to "steal" our device where we have active the second factor of authentication.

Xiaomi finally adds two factor authentication to its accounts

As we have been able to read in XDA Developers , Xiaomi is finally implementing this type of two-step authentication in its Mi accounts. In this way, this new security mechanism will notify the access to our account to the other devices that we have of the brand, thus allowing, to authorize or not access (In case we have several Xiaomi smartphones, tablets, computers, etc.)

Two-step authentication present in MIUI 10. Xiaomi Addicted News

Two-step authentication present in MIUI 10.

In addition, if we only have a Xiaomi device we can activate the 2FA function , thus allowing to access our Mi account we must also enter in a second step a small code obtained by SMS in our associated smartphone.

In this way, Xiaomi demonstrates once again its commitment to continue advancing and improving its services in the face of user safety. Since this way we can maintain a higher level of security in all the services of the company as is its service in the cloud My Cloud .

Source | XDA Develoepers

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