You hold her bad, you hold her bad. You shouldn t wear an Apple Card in ... a leather wallet

Do not put it on sunny surfaces, do not put it in a leather wallet and do not let another card touch the titanium Apple Card. This is not a joke, but recommendations from the new Apple website.

Titanium Apple Card . Is a credit card. It is a work of art. He is also a cyrograph. Apple played the case in a masterful way, because Apple Card ... sorry: titanium Apple Card, cementing the relationship with the Apple ecosystem like no product before.

Replacing a smartphone, watch, computer or even a cloud service is problematic, but possible. What about the credit card? The problem gets much bigger. In addition, the titanium Apple Card loses its raison d'être without an iPhone, so even replacing your smartphone with something with Android is pointless.

Apple Card adding a new card

And the card itself? As with Apple, we are dealing with a premium product, so there is no question of plastic. Titanium Apple Card is - as Apple stresses at every turn - titanium, which weighs noticeably more than a standard card. It is also extremely minimalistic, because we won't even find a card number on it. It also turns out that it is susceptible to scratches and stains. Apple, however, cares for customers and has prepared a list of bans and recommendations for users.

Tim Cook's Ten Commandments.

A whole guide appeared on the Apple site about how to treat the titanium Apple Card. Here is the user decalog.

  1. You will not touch the titanium Apple Card with other credit cards (because you can scratch it).
  2. You will not wipe the titanium Apple Card with a rough cloth in vain. Use only soft, slightly damp, lint-free microfiber cloths.
  3. You will not use cleaning chemicals, neither compressed air, nor aerosols, nor solvents, nor ammonia, or any type of abrasive. You can only use isopropylene alcohol.
  4. Do not wear the titanium Apple Card in your leather wallet.
  5. Do not carry the titanium Apple Card in your jeans pocket.
  6. Store the Apple Card only next to soft materials.
  7. Do not leave the titanium Apple Card on sunny surfaces.
  8. Do not store the titanium Apple Card next to the magnet,
  9. Do not keep the titanium Apple Card next to coins or keys
  10. Nor any potentially scratching object.

Yes, all these points are true.

Remember, the Titanium Apple Card is not just a credit card. This is a premium product that requires a premium approach. If you're going to keep a titanium Apple Card in a leather wallet next to ordinary plastic cards, maybe you better switch to Android right away.

You hold her bad, you hold her bad. You shouldn't wear an Apple Card in ... a leather wallet


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