Xiaomi will launch this August 7 new headphones with hybrid noise cancellation

In addition to citing us this August 7 to present a new Redmi device , Xiaomi has announced the arrival for that same day of new headphones with hybrid noise cancellation . A new model that could be the renewal of the current Xiaomi Neckband.

Specifically, the company has announced through a new advertising teaser that we can see lines below, the arrival of new headphones with hybrid noise cancellation. A new technology that combines digital and analog technologies in order to isolate us from the outside in areas with a lot of ambient noise.

To be more exact, this new active and hybrid noise cancellation system has several microphones along the headphones in order to capture the ambient noise and then digitally treat this sound or noise and invert it in combination of the Music we are listening to. In this way it is possible to "cancel out" the ambient noise through its same frequency but in reverse.

Xiaomi will introduce new headphones with hybrid noise cancellation. Xiaomi Addicted News

Advertising teaser shown by Xiaomi on Weibo.

Of rest, the company has only mentioned that it will be this August 7 at 10:00 a.m.China when these new headphones will be presented starting at a price of 499 yuan , that is, about 64 euros to change, which would be 71 US dollars .

Until then we invite you to browse this collection of the best Xiaomi headphones where we indicate which are the best that adapt to your needs and where you can buy them at the best price on the network.

Source | Weibo

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