Xiaomi shows us for the first time a real image of the new 70-inch Redmi TV

Yesterday, the Redmi sub-brand announced the presentation date of its new Redmi TV 70 . A first television that will arrive in a large size of 70 inches , being presented this August 29 and we now know what its design will be.

It is clear that Xiaomi continues to be one of the leading manufacturers of televisions, not only at the level of China or India, but also worldwide. And is that if we remember, a few days ago the Asian brand began to market the international version of its famous Xiaomi Mi TV. 3 first models that we can already buy through some online sellers and that are expected to arrive shortly to the European Mi Store .

Now, after presenting numerous smartphones or even wireless headphones and a home washing machine, the Xiaomi sub-brand also wants to take a new leap towards these devices that are practically essential in our home. Specifically, this August 29 will be presented in China Redmi TV 70 , a model that until now we only knew its total size of 70 inches but now Xiaomi has shown us in a new image through Weibo.

Design of the new Redmi TV 70. Xiaomi Addicted News

Design of the new Redmi TV 70.

As we can see on these lines, the Redmi TV 70 will have a design very similar to the Xiaomi Mi TV , maintaining quite thin frames and including its new logo at the bottom of them. A fairly minimalist design, which first of all gives us a feeling of great amplitude that in combination with its large size will allow us to enjoy our favorite multimedia content.

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Of rest, for now so salo it is expected that its 70-inch panel has a 4K resolution (UHD) , as well as a combination of powerful speakers to really enjoy a "home theater". Also, the most likely is that its operating system is based on Android TV 9 Pie , as it offers us the Xiaomi Mi TV.

Source | Weibo

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