Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 obtains its 3C certification in China by showing us a 45W fast charge and 5G connectivity

As the year progresses, new generations of Xiaomi smartphones arrive. Sometimes with small changes and others with a great evolutionary jump as it seems to happen with the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 , a new smartphone that will equip fast charging of up to 45W in addition to 5G connection by default.

If we remember, the Xiaomi Mi Mix range is characterized by being the most innovative in the wide range of mobile devices of the Chinese brand. Not only at the design level, but also incorporating new technologies that make the Mi Mix range one of the most advanced in the market.

And it is that now, through a new certification obtained in China, specifically the 3C , we can see what a priori would be the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4. A new generation that according to this certification unit would have a spectacular fast charge of 45W . If we compare this data with the current flagship of Xiaomi, that is the Mi 9, its fast load of 27W falls quite short.

3C (CCC) certification of the M1908F1XE, course Xiaomi Mi Mix 4. Xiaomi Addicted News

3C (CCC) certification of the M1908F1XE, supposed Xiaomi Mi Mix 4.

In addition, this model with number M1908F1XE itself has 5G connectivity , an extra that in the Mi Mix 3 range has been chosen to separate into two models (Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 and Mi Mix 3 5G) but in the new Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 would come even in its base model .

What do we know about the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4?

Although to date there is practically no official information related to the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 , if we collect the small data that have been revealed by the various CEOs of Xiaomi, this new smartphone could have a quad rear camera formed by a main sensor of nothing less than 64MP .

In addition, according to the latest patents or even the first prototype that Xiaomi taught us some time ago, this Mi Mix 4 could set aside the sliding system of the current generation to give rise to a new technology that allows the selfie camera to be incorporated under the screen .

Remember that we currently have a large Telegram group referring to the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 where you can be aware of any news about it: @ MiMix4Xiaomi

Of rest, this new generation would incorporate practically all the most advanced features that we find in a high range, that is, a powerful Snapdragon 855 or even the Snapdragon 855 Plus , 6 or 8GB of RAM, wireless charging, NFC, Bluetooth 5.0 and WiFi AC .

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