Xiaomi launches the Mijia Sports Shoes 3: New sports shoes with Uni-Molding 2.0 protection

Xiaomi has announced the new Mijia Sports Shoes 3 today . A new generation of the second generation presented last year, which while still maintaining a very similar design, improves in terms of manufacturing materials.

In addition to an endless number of technological products of all kinds, Xiaomi has also fully engaged in the field of fashion and textiles in general, offering us various fashion accessories, heated coats or even sports shoes, always maintaining its commitment to offer A great quality product at a tight price.

In this case we talk about the new Mijia Sports Shoes 3 , a new generation that as a novelty has a manufacturing process of its sole called Uni-Molding 2.0 . Specifically, this new technology allows its 6 layers of different materials to form a single sole, providing unbeatable stability and support of our foot.

New sports shoes Xiaomi Mijia Sports Shoes 3. Xiaomi Addicted News

Each of these layers has been manufactured thinking of satisfying the needs of all those who wear these shoes for a sporting activity, guaranteeing over time, great durability even we use them on irregular surfaces. Likewise, while in its front part it has materials that increase the rebound of the forefoot area, near our heel we will find materials that make use of FREE FORCE technology in order to improve the cushioning at each step.

New sports shoes Xiaomi Mijia Sports Shoes 3. Xiaomi Addicted News New sports shoes Xiaomi Mijia Sports Shoes 3. Xiaomi Addicted News

The rest of the shoe is built in one piece , thus improving in addition to the grip of our foot, the fact of minimizing the sensation caused by having various parts or folds. In addition, various reflectors have been placed along the shoe, thus guaranteeing total safety for nighttime use. For cleaning, the Chinese firm ensures that we can put them directly in the washing machine without fear of damage.

Price and availability

The new Xiaomi Mijia Sports Shoes 3 are already on sale in China, being available in two color variants: black and light gray. Its price is just 199 yuan , about 24 euros to change, which would be 27 US dollars .

Although they are not expected to officially reach the sale beyond China, we recommend you read this article where we collect the best AliExpress sellers that usually add Xiaomi products that are only sold in Youpin or in official stores. of the brand in the Asian country.

Source | Weibo

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