Xiaomi CEO explains the reasons why his Smart TVs are sweeping China and India

In addition to its smartphones, which are probably the best in terms of quality / price ratio, X iaomi is also famous in some countries such as China and India for their televisions . A wide range called Mi TV that dominates the market in virtually any country where it lands, not only for its good price, but also to have quite interesting features.

That is why Lei Jun, CEO and founder of Xiaomi, has wanted to give his point of view on the reasons that have led to this great success, explaining that it has not only been achieved due to the low cost of its televisions, but also because of the great evolution and constant innovation suffered by its Smart TVs .

A new new publication in Weibo where Lei Jun wanted to make it clear that they are no longer a "Chinese brand" anymore , but that they really have quality products, which despite their low cost, offer very good materials, internal components of quality and modern design lines. To this they are joined of course, software functionalities that we would find in other Smart TVs that have a much higher price.

Xiaomi believes that innovation has helped him become the number 1 manufacturer in China

Although some analysts attribute the great growth in the sale of televisions by Xiaomi to its low cost, Lei Jun is totally convinced that this is really due to the continuous innovation that these devices suffer. A statement that although in part is true, we must recognize that many buyers do it because they are cheap products without knowing in many cases, what are the real characteristics or functionalities they offer.

Xiaomi is convinced that its growth in the sale of televisions is due to innovation. Xiaomi Addicted News

Xiaomi Mi TV Mural, one of the most advanced models of the Chinese brand.

Still, Lei Jun has wanted to place special emphasis on the large number of awards they have received for their latest televisions . Top Ten TV Awards 2019, High-edn Smart Product Award, Disp Grand Prize-AIoT Technology are some of the awards mentioned by the CEO, along with his latest Xiaomi Mi TV Mural , a new TV model that is practically placed in the range high of televisions with its price that reaches almost 1,000 euros .

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