Xiaomi adds a new smart lock with ultra precise facial recognition for sale

Under the Youpin crowdfunding platform, Xiaomi has put up for sale a new smart lock accompanied by a new 3D facial recognition system , capable of guaranteeing an error rate of less than 0.0001% . A new alternative to the traditional keys that joins the wide range of locks with which the Chinese company already has.

Specifically, this new smart lock arrives under the name of Xiaoyang R5 and beyond its 3D facial recognition, allows us to operate its opening using our fingerprint , an access PIN code, the NFC of our smartphone or a personalized card or even its opening remotely through our own mobile.

Its external size is 390x78x70mm while the part that faces into our home has measures of 380x78x69mm . It can also be mounted on doors with a thickness of at least 4cm and up to a maximum of 12cm. Its structure made of high hardness and shock resistance materials has a very attractive and elegant design, accompanied by a texture in a ready and pleasant touch finish.

SenseTime 3D, a powerful facial recognition system

Xiaomi Xiaoyang R5 smart lock. Xiaomi Addicted News

The strong point of this new smart lock is found in its facial recognition. And, its system based on the SenseTime 3D algorithm can be used by virtually any adult, child or elderly regardless of age and size. Specifically, its wide angle lens allows scanning and recognizing quite effectively any face that is between 130 and 200cm high .

Xiaomi Xiaoyang R5 smart lock. Xiaomi Addicted News Xiaomi Xiaoyang R5 smart lock. Xiaomi Addicted News

It also has a powerful algorithm capable of recognizing printed photos, videos and 3D models in order to avoid false positives, thus allowing only the person who has been stored in their internal system to have access to the opening of the lock. Likewise, its recognition rate is only 0.6 seconds , with a failure rate of less than 0.0001% .

For its power it has a 5,000mAh battery, guaranteeing a continuous use of at least 5 months . It also includes an extra battery so that in case the main battery runs out we can change it easily and thus charge the spent one in the meantime. A micro USB type connection is used for this.

Xiaomi Xiaoyang R5 smart lock. Xiaomi Addicted News Xiaomi Xiaoyang R5 smart lock. Xiaomi Addicted News

As usual in this type of products, this new smart lock can be linked to the Mi Home application of Xiaomi Mijia , thus allowing to generate new access profiles, change access patterns or even remotely activate its opening.

Price and availability

For now, this new smart lock is for sale in China through Youpin at a price of 2,500 yuan , about 323 euros to change. Its availability is in traditional black and gold-gray.

Source | Youpin

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