Video of the day: the first film adaptation of The Witcher converted to sitcom. The dragon is greeted with volleys of laughter

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Trends indicate the high popularity of this mocking YouTube video about the Polish film The Witcher today. A simple modification of the soundtrack painfully emphasizes what is wrong with this work. But actually ... what exactly did we expect?

Younger Spider's Web Readers may not remember the horrible movie The Witcher, who 18 years ago scared Polish cinematography fans of Sapkowski's prose. And later, in a slightly better, extended, serial version on TVP. And those who actually remember him ... remember him with pain. It was very poor production.

The first film adaptation of The Witcher converted to sitcom

The author of the Kaka Projects channel got to the famous dragon scene laughs from sitcoms realized with the participation of the audience. It was supposed to be a very dramatic and important part of the movie, and enough giggles in the background to watch it like a Monty Python sketch. Strange costumes, complete lack of understanding of the roles by the actors, terrible production values ​​and finally special effects straight from the introductory animations from Amiga games. Drama. Although it wasn't that awful. Mr. Żebrowski created - in my opinion - a brilliant interpretation of the character of Geralt, and the film itself also had beautiful photos, although partly due to the wonderful Polish landscapes.

What did you expect

The Witcher is a movie (or the series there) that just has to cost a lot. This is not a story filled with epic battle scenes like The Lord of the Rings, but it still presents a story from an alternative world. It can't be filmed cheaply, it's very difficult to save on costumes, set designs or special effects. There are striga, elves, magic, sword fights, kings and castles. That I won't mention dragons.

Polish filmmakers are unfortunately doomed to an eternal struggle for a budget that must remain limited anyway. The problem is ... Polish language. Western viewers really don't like subtitled movies. Very rarely a non-English film is gaining commercial success. Even less often high budget.

Do you remember the City of 44? Yes, I know, not everyone liked this movie. It must be admitted, however, that it was technically atypical - for Polish commercial production - good. This film could count on an additional cash injection in the form of compulsory school trips. Plus, just before the projection, a good few dozen, maybe several hundred seconds (I don't remember exactly) boards with logos of sponsors were displayed. I am convinced that had it not been for the subject matter and the patronage mentioned above, the City of 44 could not have arisen. At least not in such a visually attractive form.

The Witcher filmoserial did not have commercial support in the form of an extremely popular video game. Its creators did not have the achievements of modern technology for digital effects, I would not be surprised if the dragon ridiculed in the movie actually arose on the Amiga. This could not succeed, because this production required a larger budget than future revenues from cinemas and television.

Low budget is not the only problem of the old film Witcher. Other errors, however, are not surprising.

Someone might rightly notice that non-English productions can be successful all over the world. Just look at the German series Dark . The language of dialogue phonetically scares off some of them, and yet Netflix's production is praised by critics and fans who speak many different languages. Can be? All right, but Germans have been learning to create science fiction and fantasy movies for decades. Movie An Endless Story (yes, it's a production from Germany, as if someone didn't know) it was created before my birth. And now let's juxtapose this iconic work with the Polish Sexmission released in the same year.

The impression that the actors and film crew responsible for the old Witcher have no idea what he is actually doing on the set is probably justified. I am quite convinced that it was so. When the rebels from Hollywood explored the new boundaries of the cinema in the form of Star Wars, Willow, Conan or Immortal, Polish filmmakers could afford at most such fun form, such as Kingsajz or movies about Mr. Kleks. Not that they were bad productions - I love these movies - but you understand. Somehow there was no climate for the birth of Polish Luc Besson.

The movie about The Witcher was what it was, because it had no money, and we - in the sense of the Polish film industry - have no idea about filming such productions. We're just learning it. Sometimes we even succeed and recognize critics and fans, it's enough to recall Platige Image productions. I am also convinced that the comments below this text will include links to trailers of really promising independent productions.

For now, however, the peak of our capabilities is mediocrity, such as Netfliks Oridżinal in the form of the 1983 series. It even has a lot of cool ideas. Pictures do not differ from Western productions. Even this is cluttered, it is incomparably better than in The Witcher. But we still have to punch a dozen or so dozens of such productions to learn. Then maybe Polish Dark will be created .

For now, however, it is good for Geralt fans that the Witcher series is created by Americans. Because even if Netflix gave us a penny, we still can't. And the old Witcher, to this day we ridicule, is just another lesson. Someday we will learn. I remind you that in Hollywood they started with something like this:

Video of the day: the first film adaptation of The Witcher converted to sitcom. The dragon is greeted with volleys of laughter


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