Very bad news for the idea of ​​media repolonization. Americans are beginning to dominate Axel Springer

Our Europe is poor. We don't have any serious technology company, because Zalando and Spotify are difficult to recognize as such, and the Chinese are stealing industry from us.

Even if, once ironically, a Russian month we manage to get some European demonstration of strength, they will soon buy it out. Undoubtedly, such a manifestation was the directive ACTA 2 , which changes the image of European copyright law. Contrary to the sense and logic, about which I wrote a thousand on Spider's Web, and a million articles on Bezprawnik.

They went out, fought for years, doors, windows and finally pushed through a directive devoid of economic rationality, in which someone came up with that, e.g. Google News first provides traffic to websites, and in return can pay them for this pleasure. Logic, as if the reader of Spider's Web had to pay for every banner he clicks on. The idea is agreed in 50 percent, i.e. the publisher of the website agrees and emphasizes that this will contribute to the development of the Internet in Poland.

But these are not only absurdly initiated changes in law, but above all big business. As for voting on the so-called ACTA 2, the Germans got along with the French, shopping in the background for support for Nord Stream 2 . And none other than the German Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung admitted that Axel Springer has been lobbying for 10 years in the EU, fighting for the standards introduced by the directive.

In the end, Europe agreed rather willingly, because we in the Old Continent have almost nothing in this e-sector: Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, Google, Twitter etc., everything is American. So it was a matter of time to create even a little logical regulation that somehow forces IT giants to pay European countries for their presence on that market.

Axel Springer is becoming more and more American

The thing is that the large publishing house Axel Springer, which publishes in Poland, for example Fakt, Newsweek or online Onet, is becoming less and less European. The American private euqity fund KKR purchased a package of 43.5 percent for EUR 2.9 billion. Axel Springer shares, thus becoming the largest shareholder, slightly chasing even Friede Springer - widow of Mr. Axel.

This is obviously very sad for Polish politicians from the power camp who love America, even more than hate their current enemies. They love to the extent that currently Americans want Poland to pay Israel for crimes committed by Germany against Polish citizens during World War II. And to be honest, I think that our government will in some form agree to it. Because the right-wing love of America is radical, deeply based on the myth of Woodrow Wilson, who "returned us independence" and boils down to continually giving them this, no ... grace. Geographically, from a political point of view we are 4-5 the most important country for the US in the world, and we behave like a country located on the sidelines of the Sahara.

However, this is obviously a major communication problem for the government. First of all, in the face of criticism from Onet or Newsweek, which is unlikely to ease down, it will be more difficult to convince that Tomasz Lis is really speaking on behalf of Angela Merkel, terrified of the sudden increase in the importance of Poland.

Secondly, the idea of media repolonization (which in normal circumstances may and may be worth considering, but in this case probably would be aimed at making everyone similar to TVP, the Network of Truth and Gazeta Polska) rather loses its raison d'etre. Ambassador Georgetta Mosbacher found out about it, and she had to buy new shoes after KRRiT decided to impose a fine on TVN (bought back by American companies at one time, ultimately Discovery). The kop planted to the Polish government was so bitter that it still stands up at all press conferences today.

Americans profess not only the principle of absolute freedom of the media, but above all the protection of their business around the world. And so suddenly Axel Springer secured the protectorate of Donald Trump in Poland. Of course, I'm not saying that this was the goal of the entire transaction, but from the Polish plot perspective, certainly the most interesting aspect.

Very bad news for the idea of ​​media repolonization. Americans are beginning to dominate Axel Springer


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