Up to two times art. I managed to fly a hoverboard over the English Channel

Manche hoverboard

Franky Zapata got his way. He was already talked about once, when the malice of fate prevented him from flying from France to England. This time, without any problems, he proved the potential of his hoverboard.

We used to see such inventions mainly in not serious science-fiction movies. Today, they not only exist in the real world, but also prove themselves quite well. Recently, there was a lot of talk about Franky Zapata who, wanting to promote his hoverboard, decided to fly across it across the English Channel.

The expedition failed, but the vehicle itself was not completely at fault. His pilot, Zapata himself, had a problem landing on the platform to refuel. The mentioned platform turned out to be a bit too small and therefore too unstable - the aviator lost his balance during landing and fell into the water. Zapata, absolutely unimpressed by failure, made a second attempt. Successfully.

Through the English Channel on Hoverboard. Even the military is interested in the invention of Franky Zapata.

The specific name of the vehicle he used is Flyboard Air manufactured by the company Z-Air he founded. The flight lasted 22 minutes, during which Zapata covered 35 kilometers. The maximum cruising speed he reached was 170 kilometers per hour. The stopover to refuel was successful - this time the platform was larger and more stable.


The purpose of this fool was obviously to promote this invention, which undoubtedly worked. The French armed forces have already expressed public interest in seeing the vehicle's potential. It could be used not only for logistics, but even as an offensive vehicle for marines. They donated EUR 1.3 million to Z-Air.

Flyboard Air is not yet available for free sale, the vehicle is still being tested and refined. Its final price is currently difficult to predict.

Up to two times art. I managed to fly a hoverboard over the English Channel


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