Trump slammed his fist on the table: "We will not do business with Huawei"

The American president has declared that he has already made a decision and is not going to cooperate with Huawe. The announcement is all the more surprising because until recently he himself suggested the possibility of loosening some restrictions , which he wrapped around and tries to crush the Chinese giant.

Huawei was blacklisted three months ago . Since then, the company's fate has become a bargaining chip in negotiations conducted by the United States and China.

Huawei is a victim of the war between China and the United States.

From May 16, American companies were banned from fraternizing with Huawe. Over the next few days, more and more corporations were informing about the freezing of cooperation with the company, and its future was becoming increasingly darker. There is no room for mercy in the war, and what Huawei has become a victim of is war, though without trenches, shots and bombs. Economic war.

Trump's statement came after China decided to stop buying agricultural products from the United States. It was a response to new duties imposed on them by the United States. The coincidence of time is not likely to be accidental. The "final" decision in the Huawei case is another link in the chain that drags countries between them.

The trade ban not only means that the company can grow in the US market, but also that its ability to benefit from the achievements of American technical thought is significantly limited. The most important consequences have recently mentioned cutting off the company from the operating system of Google and Microsoft, which is why HarmonyOS could not appear at a better time for the company.

Huawei is ready.

Work on HarmonyOS was to last for several years and be carried out precisely on this occasion - the deterioration of relations between the United States and China. For now, relatively little is known about him. Harmony is to support not only smartphones, but also intelligent speakers, laptops, headphones, cars, refrigerators, and even a talking teddy bear, which in a few years you will buy a neighbor's bubble for your birthday.

Today Huawei announced that its operating system is ready and tomorrow the first product operating on it will appear in China. Next year, telephones and computers are to join the Vision TV smart TV.

Trump is very determined in his indecision.

The American president managed to state in one sentence that he had made the final decision about his intention not to cooperate with Huawei any more and that his final decision was actually negotiable.

We won't do business with Huawei ... And I'm really convinced. It is much easier just to not do any business with Huawei ... This does not mean that we will not agree if and when we enter into a trade agreement, " Trump said in a typical transparent manner.

In further statements, the US president emphasized that the ball is now on China's side and only their concessions can save the company from the wrath of Uncle Sam.

The war continues.

Trump punched the table: "We will not do business with Huawei"


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