Tragedy! My favorite rapper will release a CD after 7 years, and I have nowhere to play it

It's amazing how dramatic times we have lived. One could say: wars, diseases, hunger. Yes, these are also tragedies, but are they of this rank? If in mid-2012 I told myself that in a few years I have nowhere to play a CD, I would probably tap my forehead.

Sure, even then, I counted on progress and the change in the way we consume the media or culture. But the scale of the transition to digital content has been amazing. Somehow in mid-2012 I just discovered Deezer, later converted to Spotify, although here I would just lie claiming that it killed CDs. Rather mp3 format.

However, undoubtedly the breakup with CD drives began in the autumn when I bought a Samsung 900x3c - a driveless ultrabook. Since that time, October 2012, I have never played a disc on my computer again. And I never missed her. And none of my subsequent computers had such a drive.

In recent years, more towers and tape recorders have landed in the garbage bin (not just history), replaced with Android TVs, Marshall bluetooth speakers pressed in the promotion for Samsung phones. I currently only have one device at home that can play CDs. You will admit that PlayStation 4 is not a dream tool for consuming music.

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I'm not a big fan of rap. I do not like this street, metropolitan or even Taco Hemingway's attempts to literally report the contents of the entire website. I am a fan of Pezet's work. Not even the artist himself, because interviews with him are not overly interesting. But I've been listening to his CDs for almost 20 years, loving them.

Including "Radio Pezet", which the musician himself seems to be opposed to. Wrongly, because scolded by fans for not wanting to be sitting on the Ursynów bench at Noon's beat for the twentieth year, he and Sidney Pole set the direction in which rap went in the following years. This is the music closest to me that aptly hits the tones of corporate Warsaw. At the same time, under the influence of criticism - this was my impression - he fell into some creative impotence.

So I discovered with great satisfaction that the Contemporary Music announced in mid-June not only refers to the 90s, but also is again an extremely innovative album. Pezet apparently doesn't like criticism, but the need to create something new is apparently even stronger. Perhaps this is where my love for the artist comes from.

The digital version of the CD, fortunately, will be. I hope so, but I'm not sure that it will go to Spotify on the day of the album's release (both singles went to streaming immediately). At present, only a CD can be purchased in advance sale. This, in turn, this vision of the fact that the most-awaited disc, apart from Daft Punk, may not appear on my day of release due to the limitations of technological overflow, prompted me to reflect as above. Anyway. Plate. The CD is practically a dead format. From a purely symbolic point of view, it's probably better to sell vinyls.

Tragedy! My favorite rapper will release a CD after 7 years, and I have nowhere to play it


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