This is how PlayStation 5 may look - patent sketches have been converted into realistic renders

playstation 5 look

The patent application sought by Internet users presents a device with a rather sophisticated design. Will the successor of PlayStation 4 be as brave in design as in sketches? We don't know that. But we like to look at more than just sketches.

Haven't seen it yet ? We remind you - see the picture below. This is how it should look like ... something that arose in Sony design studios. Logic dictates that it is the successor of the PlayStation 4 console - no other Sony device has the right to look like this - but before we come to too many conclusions, let's not forget that it's just a proprietary idea.

Technology companies massively patent any ideas and inventions they have developed. For a very simple reason: the decision to implement (or not) a given patent takes some time. And at this time, you can't let your competitors steal or come up with a similar idea. A significant part of patent applications never ends as a market product.

Let's take a closer look at the alleged PlayStation 5 . These renders will make it easier for us

playstation 5 look

We do not know whether this will look like consumer equipment or devkit, and therefore development equipment for testing games. However, thanks to reliable graphic designers from LetsGoDigital , we can look at the visualization of sketches, instead of relying on the imagination. Personally, I would be very surprised if Sony decided on such a bold design, but who knows.

Sony PlayStation 5 is expected to be available around next year's Christmas. The name of the console is conventional, the manufacturer has not yet decided. The residual information about it indicates that the heart of the device will be the SoC system designed jointly by Sony and AMD, including the Ryzen 3 Zen 2 CPU and Radeon Navi GPU with some form of ray tracking support, as well as a dedicated sound system to accelerate the calculations associated with his positioning. The biggest innovation, however, is to be console memory - SSDs are expected to significantly reduce the time to load games.

The price is not yet known.

This is how PlayStation 5 may look - patent sketches have been converted into realistic renders


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