They wanted to watch Fortnite, but they were shown porn

After Ninja dumped Twitch for Microsoft, his old account began to promote pornographic channels. Someone can't accept the basket with class.

If your kid, when asked about who he wants to be, says that Ninja, do not enroll him in eastern martial arts, but go to the store for the mouse and the computer. Ninja is one of the most recognizable and highest paid streamers in the world. Almost 15 million people follow his abandoned account on Twitch. Mostly kids.

After Ninjy left the Twitch platform, he began to advertise porn there.

Fortnite and Ninjy fans jumped for him to Mixer

Ninja is one of the most popular personalities in the world of e-sport. On average, 50,000 admired his game on Twitch. people per week. Most other streamers can only dream of such numbers in their wildest dreams. Not only them. Until recently, Microsft was limited to dreams, whose streaming platform lagged far behind Twitter or YouTube, but then it started working.

On August 1, Ninja announced that he was leaving Twitch and will now only stream on Microsoft's Mixer. This decision surprised almost everyone, but probably will not have a negative impact on the career of the streamer. In just a week, he accumulated a million active subscribers on his new account.

However, not everyone is able to accept parting with class.

Pornography on Ninjy's dead account

The Angry Ninja posted a video on his Twitter that describes what happened to his old channel. After the streamer decided to quit Amazon's site for Mixer, Twitch actually took over his channel and started advertising other streamers on it. In the first place among the films flying live and recommended under the name Ninjy was pornographic material.

Emmett Shear, CEO of Twitch, officially apologized to the Twitter player for what had happened and announced that the advertised pornographic channel had already been deleted because it violated the rules of the platform. Unfortunately, he only referred to allegations of pornography, but completely silent that the platform took Ninjy's account and began to use it as an advertising board.

The embittered Ninja emphasized in the film that he had worked for 8 years for his brand, over which he has now lost control. He claims that no other streamers are advertised on any other offline channel, even if the original owners have already abandoned the platform. Twitch explained that this is a new policy that they are testing now because "people visit this platform to find live content." Makes sense. That is why I go to a specific Twitch channel of my favorite e-athlete, that someone recommend me a pornographic channel or live cooking. The working test recipe is probably called Lex Ninja.

Fortunately, Twitch has retired from his controversial experiments today, the Ninjy channel is back to normal. Only disgust remained.

They wanted to watch Fortnite, but they were shown porn


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