There has never been such a theory before. Dark matter can come from before the Big Bang

Note, you haven't heard that theory yet. Scientists came up with a new concept for dark matter. In their view, dark matter could have existed before the Big Bang.

The Big Bang theory is one of my favorites. To put it simply, it sounds like this: at the beginning there was nothing that exploded and there was everything. Wonderful. And now scientists from Johns Hopkins University want to modify it more or less: at the beginning there was nothing, but in addition there was quite a lot of dark matter.

- During our research, we found a new relationship between particle physics and astronomy. If we assume that dark matter consists of particles that formed before the Big Bang, they can uniquely affect the distribution of galaxies in the sky. The new relationship could be used to discover their identity and to make new conclusions about the time before the Big Bang - said Tommi Tenkanen, from JHU, one of the authors of the study.

This new theory would explain why scientists have so far failed to observe dark matter when performing various particle physics experiments. Put simply: if dark matter is a remnant of the Big Bang, scientists say it should be somehow created in laboratory conditions. And since this trick has not been successful so far, it may be time to consider other origins of its creation. Although in this case the word existence would be much better suited.

So where does dark matter come from?

Using new mathematical models, scientists from JHU showed that dark matter could have existed before the Big Bang, in the era of so-called cosmic inflation when all space expands rapidly. Rapid and strong expansion of space resulted in the formation of scalar particles. One of them is the famous Higgs boson.

"We don't know exactly what dark matter is, but if it has anything to do with scalar particles, it's very likely that it's older than the Big Bang." In the mathematical model we propose, we do not need to assume a new type of interaction between baryon and dark matter, except for gravity, which we already know - explains Tenkanen.

The very idea of ​​the existence of dark matter before the Big Bang was already proposed by a group of theoretical physicists. So far, however, none of them has been able to support this theory with a working mathematical model. Dark matter is a mystery in itself. We have not even been able to observe it - its existence is confirmed for the time being by observations of baryon matter, which is affected by dark matter by gravity. For now, we've determined that it has a key impact when it comes to galaxy formation and clusters.

- Dark matter is too fleeting to be seen in particle physics experiments. We can prove its existence thanks to astronomical observations. We will learn more about its origin in 2022, when the Euclid satellite will begin observations in space - ends Tenkanen.

New research seems very sensible from the point of view of theoretical physicists. However, they do not answer the most important question: what did the universe actually look like before ... it was created?

There has never been such a theory before. Dark matter can come from before the Big Bang


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