The way of logging into Alior Bank will change. It will be harder but safer

Alior Bank's electronic banking will soon be affected by significant changes. No, the application interface will not change, none of these things. The bank will add important functions that will increase our comfort and security.

The EU PSD2 directive sets out the minimum requirements that a bank must meet regarding the security of electronic payments. Alior Bank intends to comply with it and has just announced improvements in its banking system, which aim not only to meet the requirements of the directive, but also to improve the convenience of service.

Therefore, Alior Bank will introduce a new way of logging in, there will also be changes in the authorization of card and Blik transactions and the session time will be reduced when we are logged in to the system and do not perform any actions in it.

Alior Bank and PSD2. We know what will change in the electronic banking system.

First of all, there will be a requirement to use 2FA, i.e. two-step user authentication. In addition to the login and password, we will also have to provide an additional one-time code when logging in, which will be sent to us via SMS or via the bank's mobile application. There will be exceptions to this rule - bank customers will be able to define specific devices as trusted - only the login and password will be required. If we log in to the application and do not perform any actions in it, we will be logged out after five minutes.

The convenience of approving banking operations will also increase. The application will send clients push notifications. After receiving this notification, all you need to do is confirm it by PIN or fingerprint. For the safety of customers, every fifth payment using the BLIK service will require additional authorization.

By the way, the security of card payments in stores will also increase. For selected transactions below PLN 50, you may need to confirm the payment with a PIN . Payment rules above PLN 50 remain unchanged.

Alior Bank has not yet announced the exact date of implementation of the above changes.

The way of logging into Alior Bank will change. It will be harder but safer


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