The teenager invented how to remove microplastics from the water. Effective up to 87 percent.

A teenager from Ireland earned 50,000 dollars. for a scientific experiment, during which he managed to clean water from microplastics.

The Google Science Fair has been organized since 2011. Every year teenagers between 13 and 18 years old take part in it. First, they formulate bold scientific hypotheses, design and conduct experiments, and finally present the results of their work, which is assessed by a special commission. This year, 18-year-old from Ireland won him. Fionn Ferreira has an idea on how to remove microplastics from water.

Microplastic is everywhere , but it is the most in water.

The problem of penetrating to nature and our microclastic organisms is serious and it is often talked about loudly. According to a study published in June by the Australian University of Newcastle, we consume about 100,000 annually every year. pieces of microplastics, or approximately 5 g per week. More vividly, once a week we're gifting the equivalent of a pen or payment card , and a clothes hanger every month. Microplastic is in the meat, salt and air we breathe, but most are found in the water.

For now, we do not know what effect this has on the human body, the matter is only examined thoroughly WHO, but there is no illusion that it will be positive or even neutral.

Microplastic is difficult to get rid of water.

Because microplastics have a diameter of less than 5 mm, it can not be filtered out by traditional methods, and sewage treatment plants completely cope with it. And that's exactly what the problem was decided by Fionn Ferreira.

The boy came up with his idea while kayaking. One day he noticed that there were plastic scraps attached to oiled stone. It inspired him. In his experiment, he placed ferrofluid from magnetite powder and vegetable oil in containers full of water contaminated with microplastics, and then he inserted a magnet into it. This attracted the ferrofluid with microplastics, effectively cleaning the liquid. During his tests Ferreira gained as much as 87 percent efficiency. The worst polypropylene particles are removed in this way, but even in its case the effectiveness was 80%.

The teenager would like his solution to be used in wastewater treatment plants, which currently can not cope with microplastics, but in an interview with Business Insider , he emphasizes that its solution is far from ideal. The real solution would be to stop the production of plastic.

The teenager invented how to remove microplastics from the water. Effective up to 87 percent.


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