The smartphone is already a common good. The market stands still, even began to shrink

This is another quarter in a row in which fewer phones were sold than last year. Gartner's data clearly prove that the smartphone market is already saturated. More and more of us do not need to buy a new one that I will not mention the first.

After many years of continuous growth, it finally had to happen. According to Gartner's research, cited at TechCrunch , the second quarter in a row ended in a minus for mobile phone manufacturers. However, minus means a smaller number of devices sold than in previous quarters.

Comparing the second quarter of this year with the same one a year ago, sales of telephones dropped by 1.7%. Translating this into concrete numbers: instead of 374 million telephones, 368 million were sold. These are still huge numbers, but they prove market saturation.

High-end phones are the worst.

This is also not an overly revealing observation if we watched the actions of leading manufacturers. And they definitely put special emphasis on the medium and low price shelf. It should not be a secret why we don't want to buy premium devices anymore: they are becoming more and more expensive, and at the same time new models offer quite symbolic new products compared to the older ones.

This is an anecdotal example, and therefore of low value, but I see no reason alone - except for the soul of a gadget - replacement of my 1.5-year device with a newer model. I am a little jealous of slightly better cameras with newer, more expensive devices, but that's basically enough. What's more, if I now had to replace the equipment with a newer one, I would rather not look at the devices for 4 thousand. zł. You can buy a Galaxy S8 twice as cheap, which basically lacks nothing ...

China and Brazil - there are still increases. Slight.

Symbolic, because it is only 0.5%. As Gartner notes, this slight increase in China is due to the introduction in the country of the first models supporting the 5G network in this country, but does not anticipate that in the future it will be an important driving force to convince consumers to quickly replace phones.

In fact, the only phone manufacturers that are significant on the market and have not seen declines are Samsung and Huawei. Gartner explains that the Korean manufacturer has been helped by a greater focus on cheaper phones from the Galaxy A line.

The smartphone is already a common good. The market stands still, even began to shrink


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