The presentation date of the new Redmi Note 8 could have been revealed by Xiaomi CEO

We enter a new week and just dawn we have met the announcement of the expected Redmi TVs. A new generation that will arrive with a model of no less than 70 inches and whose presentation will take place this August 29 . A new appointment that Lei Jun has suggested could lead to the launch of Redmi Note 8.

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It is clear that the arrival of Redmi Note 8 , as well as that of Redmi 8 and a possible Redmi Note 8 Pro is imminent. And, after passing through the certification units of TENAA and 3C, its confirmation by Lu Weibing and its many allegedly leaked images, Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun has implied on the Weibo social network that will arrive next to the new Redmi TV .

Specifically, as we can see under these lines, a user of the famous Chinese social network asked that if during the presentation event of the new Redmi TV 70 the Redmi Note 8 would be announced. To this, Lei Jun replied by adding the raised thumb emoticon , a clear answer that undoubtedly implies that if it is not announced on August 29, at least some important new detail of the unexpected mid-range smartphone will be known.

Redmi Note 8 could be released this August 29. Xiaomi Addicted News

Response of Lei Jun in Weibo.

Announced in August and launched for sale in September

This is joined by the latest publication by the well-known informant Xiaomishka, who says that this new Redmi Note 8 whose model number is M1909C3JG , will also be announced on August 29, launched to the global market in September . A very good news that would lead to a month of August quite moved by Xiaomi and is that if we remember, it is expected that in this same month of August the Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro will be launched.

Redmi Note 8 after passing through the FCC. Xiaomi Addicted News Redmi Note 8 after passing through the FCC. Xiaomi Addicted News Redmi Note 8 after passing through the FCC. Xiaomi Addicted News

In addition, certain images have appeared on the network that supposedly correspond to the Redmi Note 8 after passing through the FCC test bench. In them we can see a new Redmi that incorporates a notch in the form of a drop of water , renewing especially in the inclusion of the new Redmi logos and in its lower frame that apparently will be smaller in relation to the Redmi Note 7.

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