The premiere is quiet and the smartphone is nice. Here is the Samsung Galaxy A10s

galaxy a10s

No conference, no fanfare - his birth was announced by e-mail. It's a bit strange, because if the price is right, the Galaxy A10s can be a really cool zetaph .

Galaxy A10s can basically be described as a refreshed version of the A10 phone. Samsung has added to it a noticeably larger battery, now with a capacity of 4000 mAh, and a fingerprint reader on the back of the case, which was very much missing so far.

When it comes to the equipment of the phone itself, it is also quite good for the expected low price. Galaxy A10s buyers will receive a phone with a 6.2-inch IPS display with a small indentation at the top of the display, working at a resolution of 720 x 1520 pixels.

The heart of the Samsung Galaxy A10s is an octa-core processor.

galaxy a10s

Four cores are clocked at 2 GHz, four with 1.5 GHz. Sounds great, but we have bad news. In Galaxy A10s we will find only 2 GB of memory, so we will not avoid slow switching between applications typical for the cheapest phones. Although gigabajcik would be more useful ...

Fortunately, storage should be enough. We get 32 ​​GB at the start, we can expand it by separately sold microSD cards. And, apart from data and applications, we will be able to fill the photos taken by the Galaxy A10. Samsung has equipped this phone with a dual camera with a 13-megapixel main unit with f / 1.8 light and a dual-pixel depth sensor. The selenium camera is an 8 megapixel unit with f / 2.0 light and face authentication support.

The phone works under the control of Android Pie with OneUI. It will be available in blue, green, red and black colors. Samsung has not yet provided prices for the Galaxy A10s. There is also no information about the availability of this model in Poland.

Today, the Galaxy A10 (without the "S") costs less than PLN 600.

The premiere is quiet and the smartphone is nice. Here is the Samsung Galaxy A10s


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