The possible order of arrival of MIUI 11 is filtered and the smartphones that will receive it first

Without a doubt, the arrival of MIUI 11 is just around the corner . A new version of the famous Xiaomi customization layer that promises to add new functionalities focused on the users' own needs. Now, through a new filtration, we can see the order of arrival of MIUI 11 , as well as which devices will arrive first.

If we remember, although the slogan of MIUI 11 is " A new and unique operating system ," Xiaomi said long ago, that MIUI 11 would not focus on making a big difference in its user interface with respect to MIUI 10, but would focus in the real needs of the users. A greater presence of artificial intelligence, an improvement in autonomy or the renewal of several of MIUI's native applications are the main changes that we will see in MIUI 11.

MIUI 11 will reach the main Xiaomi smartphone in three rounds

As we can see in the following filtered image, MIUI 11 will be received first by those Xiaomi and Redmi smartphones that have Snapdragon 855 and 855 Plus, 845, 835, 821, 730, 712, 710, 675, 665 processors, 660, 625.

MIUI 11 order of arrival is filtered. Xiaomi Addicted News

Filtered document on the arrival of MIUI 11.

In this way and in a first round according to the leaked documentation, the first update of MIUI 11 (public beta) will be released for the Xiaomi Mi 9, Mi 9 SE, Mi 9T, Mi MIX 3, Xiaomi CC9, Redmi K20 Pro, Redmi K 20.

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Then, in a second round you will reach the Xiaomi CC9E, Mi 8, Mi 8 Explorer, Mi 8SE, Mi MIX 2s, Mi MAX 3, Mi Note3, Mi 8 Lite, Mi 6, Mi Play, Mi 6X, Redmi Note 7, redmi Note 7 Pro, redmi 7 and redmi Note 5 (5 Pro Indio) and finally in a third round reach the Xiaomi Mi MIX 2, Mi MiX, My MAX 2, Mi 5X, my 5S Plus, redmi 5 Plus, redmi Note 5A, Redmi 6 Pro, Redmi S2.

Once these three rounds of update are finished, MIUI 11 would be launched for those smartphones with MadiaTek P60, P35, P22 and A2 processors and their only device with the Xiaomi Surge S1. In this way, Xiaomi would cover a large part of its smartphones , bringing MIUI 11 to almost all of its most used and sold devices not only in China, but globally. Note that the POCOPHONE F1 does not appear in this list because it is a totally independent development team from Xiaomi and Redmi.

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