The new Huawei system is now officially. This is HarmonyOS

No more gossip and guesswork. The Huaweia operating system has just been officially announced. It will be compatible with applications from three different platforms. It is to be highly efficient and perfectly scale on various types of devices.

HarmonyOS (for the Chinese market: HongmengOS) has ceased to be a rumor circulating on the network. No more deliberate misinformation from Huawei representatives. We already know about the system ... well, unfortunately not everything. We are far from it. However, it seems that HarmonyOS will be a quite real alternative to Android and macOS.

Huawei, he says, has been building HarmonyOS over the past few years. It was created for times when political and economic relations between China and the United States will be very tense. Well, that's what happened thanks to the Donald Trump administration . Huawei today in theory can not produce new devices with Windows and Android. That is why it is time to present the new platform in public.

Huawei HarmonyOS - an operating system for all types of devices.

HarmonyOS will appear on mobile phones, in smart speakers, in personal computers, wireless headphones, cars, tablets and other types of equipment. The platform built on the microkernel in its most basic version is expected to require only "a few kilobytes of RAM". Although you can guess that so much requires a HarmonyOS microcernel, in the case of Internet of Things equipment, little more is basically needed.

Huawei constantly emphasizes that it prefers to continue using Android and Windows. And as long as possible, the company wants to use American operating systems. Its representatives are trying to let us know that the premiere of HarmonyOS was forced by the conflict with the United States.

What applications will work on HarmonyOS?

HarmonyOS has its own native runtime environment in which Ark Compiler and Kotlin, Java, JavaScript, C and C ++ can be used to build applications. In addition, this system will be compatible with applications in HTML5, for Android and Linux. Huawei does not mention this, but it should be assumed that in HarmonyOS, for obvious reasons, Play Services will not appear.

When will HarmonyOS appear on the market?

Actually ... tomorrow. Already at the weekend, Chinese residents will be able to buy the first Huawei TV. The Vision TV model will work under the control of HongmengOS, i.e. the HarmonyOS version for the Chinese market. Next year, other devices with this system are to appear, including telephones and PCs.

Unofficially it is said that the first phone with HarmonyOS will be the cheapest version of Mate 30 - Huawei Mate 30 Lite phone. Probably only for the Chinese market version yet.

The new Huawei system is now officially. This is HarmonyOS


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