The MacBook Pro 15 is about to disappear from the offer. It will be replaced by the MacBook Pro 16

Analysts say the upcoming 16-inch MacBook Pro is to replace the 15-inch variant, which is very good news.

Analysts agree that the MacBook Pro 16 is coming fast. The largest laptop in Apple's modern offer is expected to debut soon, perhaps even in 2019. Equipment will certainly be expensive, because according to leaks, prices are to start from 3 thousand. dollars. for the base version.

What will we get for this price? Above all, a 16-inch screen in a housing known from the 15-inch model. The resolution will therefore increase from 2880x1800 to 3072x1920 pixels. Apple will drastically lower the frame around the display, making it possible to enlarge the screen without enlarging the device. Windows competition has been using this procedure for a long time, so it's high time Apple went the same way.

The MacBook Pro 16 "would also mean going back to the old keyboard mechanism. Butterfly keys proved to be very troublesome, as evidenced by Apple's warranty programs. There are absurdities in which the refreshed version of MacBook Pro 13 "and 15" from the day of release is covered by the keyboard replacement program, as if Apple assumed that the keyboard would go bad.

Of course, after the MacBook Pro 16 "we can also expect the top components, and therefore the highest performance among all Apple laptops.

According to the latest information, the MacBook Pro 16 "will replace the 15" model.

This information makes a lot of sense , especially due to the fact that the 16-inch model is to have the same housing as the 15-inch model. So we'll get a better screen and a larger workspace, without increasing the size of the device, and this is the direction in which iPhones and iPads have already gone.

Second, the MacBook Pro 16 "would be more expensive than the MBP 15", which is on hand for Apple. Computers of this class are bought by professionals. These are tools created typically for mobile work. If you have bought a 15-inch variant for your work, you will also buy a 16-inch one, and you'll get more cash to Apple.

The third argument in favor of the withdrawal of the MacBook Pro 15 "is the unification of the offer.

For some time Apple has been trying to simplify the offer of their laptops. Currently there are only three models on the market:

  • MacBook Air 13 ",
  • MacBook Pro 13 "with Touch Bar,
  • MacBook Pro 15 "with Touch Bar.

The offer was much more consistent after Apple withdrew from the MacBook base offer, which turned out to be equipment for anyone. The tiny size was very convenient to travel, but the high price and the embarrassingly weak components were absolutely disproportionate, even for Apple's. The underlying MacBook has been replaced by the de facto iPad Pro.

Staying with three laptops would also be a return to the roots. The history of MacBooks began in 2006, when three laptops entered the offer: the MacBook, the MacBook Pro 15 "and the MacBook Pro 17". Since then, the offer has been expanding, covering at the peak time (2015-2017) six or even seven (!) Different laptops, sold and produced in parallel.

The new trio of MacBook Air, MacBook Pro 13 "and MacBook Pro 16" would be a very shapely clip referring to the MacBook, MacBook 15 "and MacBook 17" from 2006. That makes sense.

The MacBook Pro 15 is about to disappear from the offer. It will be replaced by the MacBook Pro 16


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