The lightweight Google search engine is now available. This is how Google Go works and looks

What can you get from the search engine, which after installation takes less than 7 MB? It turns out quite a lot. However, I dare say that Google Go is unlikely to be successful in our country.

Let's first recall the idea of ​​the Go application from Google. The intention is to be the lightest versions of Google services, designed for cheap smartphones with the lowest performance, operating under the control of Android Go - the lean version of Android.

The basic functions stored in the Go releases are often quite sufficient. In return for giving up the whirlpools, we gain more space in the phone's memory, less RAM and processor load, and it is very possible that we will also reduce our daily consumption of data transfer. Google search engine consumes Go by 40% less data than its full-fledged counterpart - or so the manufacturer declares.

Google Go - how is it different from the basic version?


First of all - the interface. This is actually the only change that will interest the Polish user. Less data consumption during the search, in addition to being a curiosity, will not have any real impact on the use of smartphones connected to one of the Polish cellular networks. The quality of mobile connections in our country is so good that the reduced consumption of data used by Google search engine (which is ridiculously small anyway) is unlikely to interest anyone.

However, some users may like the interface. It is true that the first launch of the Google Go search engine on my phone reminded me back to the past, but after a few minutes of clicking I see some of its advantages. First of all: fabulously simple access to the most used applications. It may be liked.


Secondly: Google's long-promised move of the search engine text box to the bottom of the screen seems to be a more convenient solution than the traditional box on the top bar.

There is also direct access to the QR scanner (if anyone uses it) and very intuitive navigation when it comes to searching pages, images and videos. It is a pity that in this last issue Google Go offers only YouTube search, pretending that there are no other video platforms in the world.

Google Go is more a curiosity than a real change for a Polish user

Personally, the new, lighter version of the search engine didn't convince me enough to switch from the normal version. Anyway, on my normal Android I can't uninstall the standard Google search engine anyway to replace it with the Go version, so ... it doesn't make any sense. I bet, however, that in our country there will be several thousand users who will like the slightly old-school interface of the new version of the search engine. In my opinion, this is the only reason to change to Google Go.

The lightweight Google search engine is now available. This is how Google Go works and looks


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