The iconic Notebook disappears from Windows, although you can still use it

Microsoft is slowly but surely breaking up Windows into its component parts. One of the stages of this path is to remove pre-installed applications from its structure. Including the one that has been with Windows for decades.

Microsoft has been talking for many years about the distribution of preinstalled applications from Windows from the system itself. Even in the times of Windows 8, it was said that all applications from the system would ultimately end up in the Microsoft Store and be optional for the user. Despite the passing years, the company is still working on it - only some of the default Windows programs have actually been separated from the system.

It is quite possible that the work on hulling all programmers from the system lasts so long, because the ambitions of the entire enterprise have already expanded significantly. In recent years, Microsoft has been dismantling the entire Windows to make it look more like Unix systems. So that the system consists of numerous mutually compatible blocks that can be freely added, removed and replaced with other versions without affecting the rest of the system. These blocks are not only simple applications, but also such complex elements as the shell (interface) or runtime environments.

Notepad will be thrown out of Windows 10. Although you won't even notice it.

Test build number 18963 Windows 10, which is now available for beta testers, is the next version of the 20H1 update , which in its production version is expected to appear in the first half of next year. The full list of changes included in 20H1 will be dealt with on Spider's Web once we know it approximately. The current build introduces several new features compared to the previous test, including the function of monitoring the GPU temperature in the Task Manager or the ability to give unique names to virtual desktops.

In this version, Notebook is no longer an integral part of the system so far. Like many other elements of Windows 10, it is an application module updated by Microsoft Store. However, the application will still be pre-installed with the entire system, at least for now. This means that it will be available on our new computer immediately after the first start. And if so, then ... what's the point of "removing Notebook from the Windows structure" and what exactly is changing?

windows 10 notebook

As with all applications and modules thrown out of the Windows core, also Notebook can now be managed and modified independently. Microsoft doesn't have to wait for a big Windows update related to restarting the computer to make a more or less significant change to Notepad.

This may seem trivial - after all, Notebook does not need to be updated, it has existed almost unchanged for decades - but it's worth remembering that the test versions of Windows are a testing ground for Microsoft. When a company trains the Microsoft Store to update various small system modules, it can start doing more complex things. For example, update the system interface through the repository without even asking the user to restart the computer.

The iconic Notebook disappears from Windows, although you can still use it


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