The end of 5v5 in Battlefield V. DICE, however, has 5 sins, through which Battlefield is not Battlefield

I was relieved and pleased to hear that DICE is giving up further work on 5v5 mode in Battlefield V. This does not mean that the game has hit the right track. The creators still have five deadly sins on their conscience, through which the fifth edition is not as good as it could be.

Being a Battlefield fan is not easy today. DICE makes two or three fatal steps for every good step. The studio brings them closer to the edge of the abyss. And yet fans don't expect anything extraordinary. A good, classic, second-war Battlefield would suffice for all of us. Unfortunately, DICE does everything it can to make their shooting as weird as possible, most unusual and radically different from what players want. Eight months after the premiere of the shootings, the creators gathered many sins. Including the five deadly sins:

Sin I - Battle Royale in the form of Firestorm

fortnite cross play update

With each subsequent act (update bringing new challenges and new content), DICE is wasting money on refreshing Firestorm mode. It's a variation of battle royale for 64 players on a large, open map. The creators refresh it regularly, adding new objects and changing the area. This is a developer plow that could be moved to another area. For example, to create new maps for the classic multiplayer.

Firestorm did not burn. Today, the battle royale module is launched only by fanatics who want to complete all the challenges of a given act. It is not that the mode is bad. Simply put, Battlefield fans don't start the game to play with a PUBG substitute. It's exotic, which ceased to be interesting two weeks after implementation. Despite this, DICE powders this corpse, naively counting on scraps from Fortnite's table. Maybe not even DICE, but EA ...

Sin II - a view of Fortnite and the latest trends

battlefield V changes news opinions 1

I like the claims that Battlefield V is a game for EA shareholders, not for fans. I imagine that when DICE was designing his new title, EA management came into the studio: - World War II is okay, but see how much Fortnite earns! Let battle royale be in your game! And skins! So cool for the young. Some woman with a prosthesis. Give a lot of minorities. Like in Epic Games store. It should be fashionable and progressive. Our analysis shows that it sells.

DICE had to combine water and fire. On the one hand, we have documented the Second World War and fan expectations. On the other skin, katanas, minorities, face painting and battle royale module. If the producers tried to combine the two worlds in a spin-off like Bad Company, it could look completely different. However, DICE brought all this Free2Play madness to the fifth Battlefield. Fans couldn't forgive. They still can't.

Sin III - sabotage of your favorite modes and Call of Duty complex

DICE suffers from the huge Call of Duty complex. On the one hand, the creators boast of their epic 64-player battles. On the other hand, however, they dream of this tournament twitch tone characteristic of Call of Duty, CS: GO or Rainbow Six Siege. Hence the constant experiments with modes that reduce the number of players. The BFV module will soon be 12v12 on new, narrow infantry maps.

The problem is that most communities do not want tournament or team struggle at all. There are many games of this type on the market. EA itself has many IPs that could compete with CoD. For example, Apex, Titanfall or Medal of Honor. However, Battlefield is only good if it is Battlefield. When is great. When it's epic. When it allows up to 64 players to fight simultaneously on land, at sea and in the air.

DICE wastes resources on experimenting with the Call of Duty game. At the same time, the favorite modes of the community - Frontlines or Rush - are sabotaged and served on a rotational basis. In this way, the creators completely deviate from the expectations of their own fans. In turn, fans really do not want to know what. All you need is more weapons, more maps and more modes for 64 players. It's really easy.

Sin IV - we still haven't seen Stalingrad and Normandy

While creating maps for BFV, DICE decided to familiarize players with the less-known battles of World War II. I think a great idea. Thanks to him we got such capital arenas as Mercury or Marita, familiarizing the community with the Axis invasion of Greece. We also spent a lot of time in Norway, usually avoided in WWII games. The problem is that many maps showing unobvious and original clashes lack at least a few of those beloved, recognizable places.

After 8 months from the premiere of BFV, players still can't fight under Stalingrad or on Omaha Beach. We still can't get Monte Cassino or get to Berlin. None of us got permission to drive a tank near Kursk, and none of us can experience the horror of the offensive in the Ardennes. Instead, we are battling more Greek and Norwegian islands. To make it more fun, without the possibility of carrying out activities on the water. Iwo Jima will be the first cult arena in Battlefield V. Premiere? Autumn - winter this year.

Sin V - a development buggy

Hardly any Battlefield works like clockwork right after the premiere. However, there are views whose failure rate and defectiveness are partially understood. For example, Battlefield 4, which debuted between two generations of consoles. The simultaneous presence of online shooters on PS3, X360, PS4, XONE and PC was a big challenge. However, in the case of the fifth installment of DICE there is no excuse for a development batch.

It even seems that Battlefield V is more bugged a few months after its debut than at its own premiere. Players became invisible. Damage ceased to be recorded. In addition, the producers made radical changes overnight, changing the sliders of accuracy or damage. All this without consulting the community and without experimenting on public test servers.

Today, eight months after its release, Battlefield V is still bug-prone. For DICE, for example, audio that is related to opponents' steps is an unsolvable problem. Something so banal, something so obvious ... You can have the impression that the team producing BFV consists of only rookies. As if all studio employees who ate their teeth at online shootings have left them in recent months.

Perhaps this is partly true.

The end of 5v5 in Battlefield V. DICE, however, has 5 sins, through which Battlefield is not Battlefield


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