The difference between Minecraft with and without ray tracing is enormous

Minecraft is experiencing its second youth. After a painful migration to the new engine, the game got a number of great updates. Servers revived. Unfortunately, not everything went well. A great patch to revolutionize the graphics has been canceled. Fortunately, some of the visual fireworks will be implemented thanks to ray tracing technology.

Ray tracing is the leverage of Nvidia graphics cards in the Turing architecture. The new GPUs were created for the realistic journey of light particles in virtual space. This means that the entire lighting environment, full visible and invisible to the human eye, works in real time inside the game. It's a kind of environment in an environment that is responsible for the mass of visual processes. Ray tracing simulates the movement of light, reflection of beams, surface distortions and many other phenomena characteristic of the real world.

Games using this technology are closer to reality than ever before. Which of course does not mean that ray tracing is a wonderful solution suitable for every scene in any video game. I talked about this with the boss of Infinity Ward Poland, who is currently working on Call of Duty Modern Warfare. According to him, ray tracing is a great tool, but you have to use it sensibly and intentionally. In the case of Minecraft, this goal is to take production to a whole new graphic level.

The difference is gigantic. Minecraft supported by ray tracing technology looks like a new game.

Amazing how much depends on the lighting and how much light can affect how we perceive a video game. Working on official Nvidia advertising material, I allowed myself to take some comparative screenshots. At first glance, it seems that both graphics show completely different productions: the original game and its remake on the new generation of platforms. In fact, we are dealing with exactly the same program, but supported by ray tracing technology.

Mojang informs that ray tracing in Minecraft will affect, among others to light from artificial sources (lamps), natural sources (lava) and sunlight. Shadows will depend on the size of the rays, their shape and the distance covered by the light. Light particles are supposed to distinguish between the surfaces on which they fall (concrete, glass, water) and behave differently depending on it. Each pixel in Minecraft can be given a light property and everyone will have effects on such effects as reflections or reflections.

Many of these effects were intended to be part of the canceled Super Duper Graphic Pack.

Unfortunately, Mojang gave up the universal graphic revolution in his own game. The reason indicated by the producers were technological challenges incompatible with such a number of various platforms supporting joint play (cross-play). This means that in the coming years, Minecraft will look exactly as it does now. Well, unless you're playing on a PC and you have a Nvidia card natively supporting ray tracing. Otherwise, you can do without the taste.

It's a shame. I understand that ray tracing is too much for Nintendo Switch or smartphones, but playing on Xbox One and PS4 could wait for a slight graphical modernization. Especially since we won't install mods improving the video frame on consoles. Any improvement of the graphic layer depends only on the manufacturer. Unfortunately, this one hung up a white flag, canceling the expected Super Duper Graphic Pack.

Nvidia makes great use of the upgrade. The graphics card manufacturer takes the place of the developer, promising major modernization. To experience it, however, you need to get a new GPU, such as GeForce RTX 2070. From the manufacturer's point of view this is a masterful play. Especially considering Minecraft's growing popularity again. In fact, the second youth that square production currently experiences is encouraging creativity.

The difference between Minecraft with and without ray tracing is enormous


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