The cheap DJI Mavic Mini will weigh less than 250 g. I already explain why it is extremely important

DJI Mavic Mini appeared in the first film. A specification has been leaked, according to which the drone will weigh less than 250 g. This means that it will be treated as a toy according to the new European Union regulations.

The DJI Mavic Mini is an unannounced drone, which according to leaks will be a great revolution in the DJI offer. As soon as the first leaks appeared about this drone, I wrote that it would be equipment with Mavic Air capabilities at Spark's price . And although the premiere did not take place on August 13, as previously thought, more information leaked into the network revealing much more details.

DJI Mavic Mini will be really miniature. The first video leaked

In the first video showing the Mavica Mini you can see that the drone fits in your hand. The design looks like a miniature version of the Mavica Pro, while the body is Spark size. After folding the arms and propellers, the equipment becomes extremely compact.

A specification leaked that reveals a lot of key information about the drone. The equipment can be bought with an additional controller, which is very good information, because the control from the smartphone is barely a denture. DJI Mavic Mini will be able to fly for 18 minutes on a single charge. In practice, this time will probably fall to around 15 minutes.

The range (theoretically) will be up to 5 km, but the Mavic Mini will be based on connectivity through "improved Wi-Fi", a system known from Mavica Air. In practice, it allows for trouble-free flights up to a distance of 500 m, although in fact you can fly a drone up to 2 km. The maximum speed of the Mavica Mini will be 50 km / h. Mavic Mini will be equipped with an object detection system in front of and under the drone.

dji mavic mini

The camera will be placed on a three-axis gimbal, similar to that of Mavica Air. The specification speaks of filming 60 Mbps in 4K at 30 fps, 2.7K in 60 fps and 1080p in 120 fps. The photos will have a resolution of 12 megapixels, but the specification only mentions the JPG format. For now, we do not know if this is just a mistake or whether the drone will have the option of shooting in RAW mode blocked. The sensor will be 1 / 2.3 inches in size.

And finally, probably the most important information. The aircraft will have a size of 140 x 140 x 53 mm and a weight (note) 245 g.

The DJI Mavic Mini will weigh less than 250 g. This is extremely important information

And this is not about a lighter photo backpack. The weight limit up to 250 g is very important due to the law in the United States and soon also in the European Union. Drones weighing up to 250 g are treated by the authorities as toys, thanks to which the law is the least restrictive towards them.

dji mavic mini

The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) orders the registration of all drones weighing 250 g to 25 kg. Unregistered drone flights are subject to civil and criminal law sanctions. Registration costs $ 5, and at the end of the process the drone receives its own registration number, which must be placed on the device during flights. Drone flights over 250 g are subject to more stringent regulations.

In Poland, the drone's weight limit is currently 600 g. Lighter drones can be used for recreational recreation even in cities, although this cannot be done near airports. More restrictions apply to heavier drones.

dji mavic mini

Importantly, from June 2020 two regulations will come into force that will harmonize aviation law in the European Union. They talk about drones. Five classes of drones will be specified, with the smallest, C0, being drones weighing up to 250 g (and maximum speed limited to 19 m / s, i.e. about 68 km / h). You will not need to register such drones. In turn, drones with a higher mass will face much more onerous bureaucracy and greater restrictions on flights.

In addition, DJI itself announced that from 2020 it will place an AirSense receiver in all its drones weighing over 250 g, which will detect the ADS-B signal transmitted by planes and helicopters. Thanks to this, a warning will appear in the DJI app when an aircraft is nearby. This is to be a key element to improve safety in the sky. However, the AirSense system needs to be mounted on the drone and provide power to it. Lack of this element in the Mavic Mini will reduce weight (not much, but every gram counts in this design) and allow for a longer flight time.

It looks like the DJI Mavic Mini will be the perfect drone for Kowalski.

DJI Mavic Mini is expected to debut in the fourth quarter of 2019 at a price of $ 399. It is the same as currently DJI Spark, available in Poland for PLN 1,800.

If the leaks are confirmed, the Mavic Mini will be a breakthrough. From a legal point of view, the drone will belong to the category of toys, but from a practical point of view, it will allow 4K recording from a full-fledged gimbal. At the moment, the only scrap in the specification seems to be the lack of RAW images. It is very possible that DJI is afraid to add this feature for fear of many customers choosing the Mavica Mini instead of the more expensive Mavica Air or Pro.

The cheap DJI Mavic Mini will weigh less than 250 g. I already explain why it is extremely important


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