The best antivirus for Windows

Microsoft Security Essentials, later Windows Defender - none of these products enjoyed special recognition of specialists. Microsoft, however, has invested heavily in cyber security. For our luck.

Windows has long been equipped with a native set of tools to protect it from cyber attacks. For many years, however, the mechanisms built into the Microsoft system were at most considered sufficient - and therefore suitable for a typical, conscious user, but also not very guaranteeing full protection. Many saw the point in buying an external, better antivirus solution.

The problem is that external antivirus applications must be able to integrate closely and low-level with the system to be able to successfully accomplish their task. Sometimes, it negatively affects the speed of the computer and its stability. It is no wonder that Microsoft is investing a lot of money in developing its cyber security competences. After all, he claims that he is guarding the data of hundreds of millions of users and businesses. And just as his corporate solutions have been valued for a long time, Windows Defender has never been taken too seriously. This will probably change from now on.

AV-Test: Windows Defender is the best consumer anti-virus software

Tests by the independent AV-Test laboratory have shown that Microsoft's solution is ahead of competition in all three tested categories, i.e. the degree of protection, impact on performance and ease of use.

AV-Tests are carried out every two months. Windows Defender has been at the top of the list of recommended solutions for a long time, but now it has only obtained perfect marks in all aspects studied.

This is very good news. Of course, we can still use third-party solutions if Defender's functions are not enough, but it's nice to hear that the built-in tool actually provides us with relative security. And without burdening the system or risking a critical exception , commonly known as BSOD.

The best antivirus for Windows


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