The Apple Card is officially available. The first customers are already using

Reports proved that the first users will be able to use the Apple Card in the first half of August. The incentive is to be, among others loyalty program, which unlike competitors does not make customers wait for prizes.

In the US, first users can evaluate the effects of Apple's cooperation with Goldman Sachs and MasterCard. The announced Apple Card payment card just got into their hands. At the beginning it is available only in the United States. Then its advantages and disadvantages will probably be checked by Canadians. Others, including Poles, will wait longer.

Apple Card - for whom?

To get an Apple Card now you have to meet several conditions. You must be at least 18 years old and must be a US citizen or legal resident with a residential address in the country. To use the Apple Card, you must also have an iPhone with iOS 12.4 or later. You must enable two-factor authorization. Users must be logged in to iCloud on their iPhone using an Apple ID.

Apple Card adding a new card

Apple Card setup takes a while

To be able to use the Apple Card on your smartphone, we must first attach it to the Wallet application. Going through the activation process is very smooth. Most of the information you need is taken from your Apple ID, which means it only takes a few minutes to set up your Apple Card.

The user (for now only American) will be asked to provide: name, date of birth, telephone number, home address, country and citizenship, last four digits of the social security number and the amount of annual income. Some systems may also ask you to scan your driving license or state ID card.

Physical titanium card after registering the Apple Card

After adding the Wallet Apple Card application, we can count on sending a traditional card for payment. You will be able to use it wherever the Apple Pay method is not yet accepted, but Mastercard cards are accepted.

we also activate the titanium card using a smartphone. The Apple card is to be delivered with an envelope that needs to be scanned using NFC and then touch the "Activate" button on the iPhone.

Apple Card activation of a new card

A completely titanium rectangle

Apple would not be Apple if it did not want to embarrass the competition when releasing its physical payment cards. No wonder that the physical Apple Card is made of titanium, with the laser-engraved name of the user.

On the front of the card there is neither its number nor the expiry date, and on the reverse there is no CVV or signature. Apple argues that if someone finds or steals such a card, there will be no real way to use it. At least when shopping online. If necessary, the card number and CVV can be found in the Wallet application.

The physical card from Apple does not make contactless payments. To do this, you need to use Apple Pay on your phone or watch. Apple promises that it will not impose any fees if the card is replaced or lost.

Daily rewards system

The solutions offered will include unique expense tracking system and cash rewards system. Using an Apple Card will also allow for a 1% refund. from the value of purchases made with a physical Apple Card; 2 percent for Apple Pay transactions and 3% if we buy an Apple product or service in this way. Bonuses are paid on a daily basis.

There is no place for gambling and cryptocurrencies

Other earlier information also works. As Maciej Gajewski wrote:

Apple Card holders will not be able to use it to buy cryptocurrencies or lottery tickets, or to buy any other product defined as cash or down payment. However, this is not unusual - similar restrictions apply to other credit cards in many American banks. However, there is one more interesting limitation. We will not be able to activate the Apple Card if we have jailbroken on our iOS equipment (i.e. we have unauthorized disabling some system security). What's more, if we do the jailbreak at a later time, Apple reserves the right to close our account.

The Apple Card is officially available. The first customers are already using


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