T-Mobile Polska dismisses employees: "development is not possible without spending reduction". Here is the content of the president s letter

Andreas Maierhofer, president of T-Mobile , has just sent an email to employees of the Polish branch, in which he announces redundancies. The employment reduction program will start in September.

T-Mobile Polska employees have just received an email from Andreas Maierhofer. At the outset, the president of T-Mobile acknowledged that the company's recent decisions were good:

Dear, we have come a really long way over the last two years. We successfully implement actions aimed at improving the company's condition and perception of our brand. In addition to the best network, we can boast of great customer service today, and new products created to meet the real needs of customers, such as Home Internet, Magenta Business and the newest of them - convergent Magenta 1 met with excellent reception. We can see that with their help we attract clients effectively, and the care for their experience makes them stay with us.

Later in the news, enthusiasm began to fade:

However, this is just the beginning. As you know perfectly well, our strategy assumes that after fixing the basics, we will now start to grow and fight effectively for the market. How to do it? We answered this question a few months ago: there is no other way in telecommunications than to become a modern technology company. Today we can see clearly that this will not be possible without taking the two necessary steps: shortening the time to deliver the product to the market, thanks to the introduction of the agile approach and carrying out activities - I will not hide this difficult - which will result in ensuring long-term financial stability for the company.

There are many ways to talk about agile, but from our point of view it is worth mentioning its three positive effects. First of all, agile activities are primarily the opportunity to deliver products that are actually tailored to the needs of the market and use market feedback to constantly improve them. Secondly, it increases the speed of operation - thanks to the liquidation of silos and the introduction of completely new, self-sufficient structures, we minimize bureaucracy and focus on what is important: efficient product development and improvement. And what is important not only from the sales point of view, but first and foremost the organization's activities: agile fits our growth-oriented approach perfectly. Thanks to it, each of us can feel the owner of the project, take full responsibility for it and be proud of its success.

Until it expired completely. This part of the letter is the most important, so I bold it:

Unfortunately, the second decision we make today is much more difficult for me. Looking to the future, we see that one of the fundamental challenges of the upcoming quarters are costs: costs related to upcoming investments, financial burdens, rising energy prices or market environment, which gives us new challenges - long-distance development is not possible without reducing expenses in others areas. I respect you and your work very much and I think that you deserve full transparency, which is why I want to say it clearly: within a month we will announce the employment reduction program. It's a difficult decision, a decision we didn't want to make, but unfortunately necessary. At the moment we are analyzing the size of the program and its course, and its details will be announced in September.

Finally, thanks came in:

Regardless of the challenges ahead of us, I would like you to know that I am very grateful to you for the work you have done and proud of the place where we are today. We can clearly see that the strategy based on caring for customer experience brings concrete results and is a direction that will allow us to effectively compete for the market. I am sure that the introduction of the agile approach will allow us to achieve this more effectively and faster.

Andreas Maierhofer
President of t-mobile

We will look into the matter and keep you informed when new information becomes available.

T-Mobile Polska dismisses employees: "development is not possible without spending reduction". Here is the content of the president's letter


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