Surveillance can be anywhere. In Hong Kong, protesters are even afraid of the lighthouse

Protests in Hong Kong not only do not cease, but even intensify. During the weekend, protesters destroyed one of the smart lanterns, afraid that the cameras placed on it would use face recognition software.

The video posted on the internet shows the crowd approaching the street lamp cautiously. Everyone holds umbrellas, they don't want them to recognize the penetrating eye of the camera. According to the protesters, the lantern is equipped with cameras with face recognition software that can be used to identify protesters and track their actions. Recordings from it are to be sent to the People's Republic of China. This is a surveillance and surveillance tool, which is why they must be destroyed. Someone cuts it at the bottom with an electric saw, the crowd grabs the ropes suspended above and pulls. The lantern falls to the ground like a fallen tree. There are shouts of joy and sheds, someone is kicking the pole, someone else is trampling it, someone else is pouring liquid inside. The lighthouse was defeated.

City officials say the smart lantern didn't spy on anyone. The camera placed on it is not equipped with face recognition software - it is to supervise not people, but car traffic in the city. The device is also used to measure air quality and record weather.

Protesters do not believe in these assurances. In the People's Republic of China, authorities are increasingly using cameras to supervise their citizens and identify unfavorable elements. Removal of smart lanterns from the streets is added to the list of protesters' demands. The Hong Kong authorities plan to bet 400 more.

Protests in Hong Kong have been going on since June.

The protests have been going on for over two months. This weekend, the period of relative peace ended and the police decided to use a water cannon against the protesters. One of the officers fired shotguns into the air. The spark that caused the fire in the hearts of the city's residents was a controversial provision that would allow extradition of Hong Kong citizens to mainland China. Despite the fact that the politicians put down the new right to the drawer, they failed to reassure the city's residents. Now, protesters are also demanding democratic change, the possibility of choosing the head of the Hong Kong administration, and conducting an independent investigation into police brutality. And, recently, the removal of all smart lanterns.

In any case, some of the protesters are demanding this. The protest has no official leaders and is organized from below through social media.

There are no more conflicts just outside of the internet.

When organizing protests, Hong Kong residents use not only Facebook and Twitter, messengers such as WhatsApp or Telegram, but also Tinder or Pokemon Go. Social media is a tool for them to organize themselves, coordinate activities and pass on information about security. They are the meeting place of the general staff, crisis staffs and the command center. Their members are actually all protesters.

The other side of the conflict also uses the internet, though in a different way. Google has announced that it has removed more than 210 channels from YouTube that have been suspiciously coordinated about the Hong Kong protests. Twitter and Facebook had previously carried out similar cleanup from propaganda. The platforms found 936 suspicious accounts and 7 pages, three groups and 5 accounts respectively.

Surveillance can be anywhere. In Hong Kong, protesters are even afraid of the lighthouse


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