Samsung Galaxy Note 10 has something for players. Thanks to PlayGalaxy Link you can play PC games on your smartphone

For several years, Samsung has been taking initiatives to attract Galaxy players to smartphones. In devices from the Galaxy Note 10 series, the technology created for fans of virtual games is PlayGalaxy Link. Thanks to this application we can easily play PC games on the Note screen. For this using a controller or a mouse and keyboard.

PlayGalaxy Link is based on image streaming technology. If the PC and Samsung Galaxy Note 10 are in the same home network, the smartphone will easily display the image directly from the computer. What's more, with the help of controllers compatible with Note 10 we will be able to continue the game on a smaller screen. For example, taking a smartphone to bed, to the garden, to the balcony or ... to the toilet.

PlayGalaxy Link will work regardless of the type of game or type of controller.

If a given pad, keyboard or mouse is compatible with Samsung Galaxy Note 10 , it can easily be used as a control tool in a video game. Unfortunately, Samsung did not take advantage of the opportunity and did not produce its own pad, which would be sold in sets together with the smartphone. The presence of such a device directly in the box would definitely increase the attractiveness of the service, as well as the frequency of using PlayGalaxy Link. On the other hand, Android has long been compatible with so many versions of controllers that every player will definitely find in the drawer compatible rains.

It also doesn't matter if the game is running behind Steam, Origin, uPlay or any other platform. PlayGalaxy Link does not create its own runtime environment, but only receives the image sent from the PC. This means that from a technical point of view, the solution works exactly like Remote Play from PlayStation 4 or moving the Xbox screen using the Xbox App in Windows 10.

Hence, PlayGalaxy Link will certainly not avoid the problems specific to streaming video games. I am thinking here especially of the minimal, but still noticeable delay in relation to the natively running application, as well as occasional image artifacts. These are problems that such technological giants as Sony, Google, Microsoft or Nvidia still have not managed to deal with, and I honestly doubt that it is Samsung that makes a breakthrough. With all sympathy for Samsung.

Of course, this does not change the fact that from the point of view of a household equipped with high-speed Internet and an efficient router, PlayGalaxy Link can be a practical and useful solution.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 has something for players. Thanks to PlayGalaxy Link you can play PC games on your smartphone


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