Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and 10 features you did not know about

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ are not only components, large screens and stylus. It's also a number of additions in the software. Here are 10 of the most interesting, unique features.

The first impressions of using Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ can be found in our video below.

Galaxy Note 10+ and its smaller brother Note 10 have already been officially presented. Yesterday I wrote about the full specification and Polish prices , as well as about the first hot impressions after several dozen minutes spent with smartphones .

However, there are many more features that are worth mentioning. I must point out that most of them I couldn't use personally yet, so I don't know how well they work in practice. Let's follow the biggest curiosities of the software.

1. Galaxy Note 10 has a new DeX mode

Dex has evolved over the years. Desktop mode until recently required the connection of an external monitor, mouse and keyboard. In Galaxy Note 10 and 10+ it will be easier because Dex mode will also be run on the computer, including PC and Mac. Just connect your smartphone to your computer with a USB cable. Of course, it can also be a portable computer.

Why run Dex on a computer, since the hardware already has a much more advanced Windows or MacOS? There is a reason for this. The new Dex mode works in a window, like a virtual machine running inside the system. Thanks to this, you can comfortably handle messages, photos or other mobile applications without the need to switch between systems. An additional advantage is the ability to drag files from your computer to your smartphone.

2. There is also a partnership with Microsoft and cooperation with Windows 10

If you think the Dex mode is too invasive, you can integrate the smartphone with a computer running Windows 10. As part of the Linkt to Windows function, the smartphone connects remotely to the computer, after which we can display notifications, send and receive messages and view photos from the smartphone directly on PC.

Notification integration looks particularly interesting, because smartphone notifications will go to the notification center on Windows. Notifications are also interactive, so you can reply to an SMS directly from the incoming notification window.

3. S Pen stylus gestures can be done in the air

This is the biggest novelty in the stylus. From now on, the S Pen has a six-axis gyroscope and accelerator that detects airborne motion. In this way, you can operate several embedded applications, including the camera.

We make gestures by pressing the stylus button and plotting the appropriate movement in the air. In this way, you can switch between the front and rear cameras, change the operating mode and zoom the image. Samsung has also released an API for programmers, so gesture support has a chance to reach external applications, but the implementation of this solution depends on the developers.

4. There is also screen recording for game streamers

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and 10+ allow you to record the screen and at the same time apply a small frame live with the user's face, recorded at the same time by the front camera. This is a nod to the streamers, who in this way, without any external accessories, can directly show from the smartphone the gameplay of mobile games.

Screen recording can also be used in tutorials. For example, you can show how to process a photo in the application while recording yourself.

5. Note 10 is also the ability to blur the background in movies and audio zoom

The Live Focus Video function adjusts the depth of field of the video, just like it did in photos. A live smartphone, while recording, analyzes the scene and allows you to blur the background behind the selected object.

There is also an audio zoom function when recording movies. If we record at a wide angle, the smartphone collects ambient sounds. If we zoom in on the image, the two side microphones begin to gradually fade out, and the third directional microphone starts to be raised. Thanks to this, the ambient sound is muted and the sound from the action center is clearer.

6. Note 10 and 10+ have more powerful video editors

Note 10 and 10+ have a built-in editor that allows you to easily edit movies. Yes, editing, because we're not just talking about trimming individual clips, but also about combining them into movies. In turn, more advanced editing options will be available in the Adobe Premiere Rush application, specially optimized to work with Note 10. I wrote more about the application and its cooperation with Galaxy S10 + in Spider's Web .

7. PlayGalaxy Link, i.e. streaming games

This is the most mysterious service that Samsung says little. PlayGalaxy Link will allow you to start the game on your PC and then continue it on your smartphone. The connection is to work via a mobile network, so the game will be possible, e.g. in public transport.

For now, we have no confirmation what games will work as part of the service. Earlier it was said that as part of the partnership with Microsoft will be able to stream games from Xbox One, but so far no one has confirmed this possibility.

8. AR Doodle, i.e. moving drawings

With the help of AR Doodle and the S Pen stylus you can apply drawings to films, which will then be "pinned" to the object and will move with it. This works similarly to face-transforming filters in video messengers.

9. Points from the specifications to keep in mind when buying the smaller Note 10

Note 10 has a smaller screen and battery, but these are not the only differences from the larger model. The microSD port for memory expansion is also absent. Note 10 has two SIM card slots, while Note 10+ has a SIM slot and a hybrid SIM / microSD slot.

Another unobvious difference is the loading speed. Note 10 supports 25 W charging, while Note 10+ supports very fast 45 W charging, which will fill 60% in half an hour. battery, which is enough for a full working day. Unfortunately, the 45 W charger is not included in the set with Note 10+.

10. The Bixby button has disappeared, but the assistant remains

Samsung has opted out of the Bixby button, but the Power button has an integrated Bixby function. The switch works exactly as we would expect. Clicking the button locks the screen or wakes it up.

In turn, holding down the Power button calls the Bixby assistant. This exchange means that the smartphone cannot be turned off by holding the Power button. In the center of the action there is a new on-screen switch button, which turns off the device.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and 10 features you did not know about


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