Samsung deletes ads that make fun of the iPhone. Reason? Today they fit the Galaxy Note 10

A few years ago Samsung achieved a huge image success. Galaxy smartphones have grown out of the bag of other Android phones, becoming in the universal awareness of consumers the direct rival of the iPhone. Koreans liked this status very much, which is why they also attacked Apple. Mainly with the help of mocking spots, in which they exposed idiots and archaisms of iSprzęs. Oddly enough, these clips began to disappear from the web ...

Oh, he loved this Samsung to Apple, he loved. The Korean company has devoted so much to the iPhone to commercials that it was starting to approach stalking and unhealthy fascination. Samsung gave the green light to a whole series of spots mocking the design assumptions of rival smartphones. The creators of the Galaxy series tried to show in this way: see, we have smartphones that can do the same and more, are better designed, they do not limit you, and on top of everything they are cheaper.

To this day, I remember the joke with bends, through which the company laughed at (what a nasty) notch in the iPhone X model. Samsung emphasized several times that their devices were equipped with 3.5 mm headphone sockets, as well as removable battery. Both of these elements were in vain to look for in newer iPhone models, which Sammy used to agitate for his own products.

Much more controversial were the spots in which Koreans hit competition as well as its consumers. Showing Apple customers as sheep standing in a queue at Apple Stor was, according to many, as real as it was fine. Equally disputable was the depiction of iPhone owners as notoriously struggling with the problem of a discharged battery, who are crouching at airports at power outlets.

All these mocking spots from Samsung began to disappear with the presentation of the Galaxy Note 10.

Not that Koreans report and block their own ads on third-party profiles. Confrontational video materials hitting Apple, iPhone and iPad disappear from Samsung's official YouTube accounts . To think that we could all watch them the day before yesterday. I wonder what happened that the Koreans dropped their tone ...

I honestly have no idea. But I will tell you that Samsung Galaxy Note 10 looks really interesting. It's great that I can still use my favorite headphones with a 3.5 mm tip. Not like this awkward Apple. I will definitely buy a spare battery for Note 10. I can use it at work. I can swap it on a train or plane quickly and easily when the energy of my Galaxy is running out.

And Samsung Galaxy Fold has no indentation on the screen. At all.

Oh, wait ...  

Samsung deletes ads that make fun of the iPhone. Reason? Today they fit the Galaxy Note 10


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