Redmi Note 8 will become one of the most complete smartphone in the mid-range: NFC, IR port and audio jack coenctor

Gradually and as the days progress until its official presentation that will take place on August 29, the Chinese firm is revealing new details of the Redmi Note 8 . A new member that joins the wide range of Xiaomi smartphone or in this case, the Redmi sub-brand, with features that will make it one of the most complete mid-range in the market .

Specifically, after knowing that it will have an audio jack and NFC as it has already been confirmed following several videos published by members of the company, it is now joined by the fact that it will also have or in this case will maintain, its IR infrared port .

And, as happened with the NFC, several of the Xiaomi managers have published a new video on Weibo where they can be seen using this functionality that allows us to remotely control virtually any device in our home by infrared , whether televisions, air conditioners or any other device that uses this technology.

In this way, we would be facing a Redmi Note 8 that will no longer only have a large battery that possibly reaches 5,000mAh, a screen with greater frontal use or a 64MP camera, but also with NFC connectivity, the forgotten audio jack connector and infrared IR port.

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If you doubt, a mid-range smartphone that, if reasonably priced, will become one of the most complete in its category, again predicting great success among these types of smartphones that are increasingly used among users looking for a device with which to perform virtually any daily task.

Source | Youtube

The Redmi Note 8 entry will become one of the most complete smartphones in the mid-range: NFC, IR port and audio jack coenctor was first published on Xiaomi news and news website in general, we are Xiaomi Addicts .


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