Redmi Note 8 reserves forecast an uncertain future due to its MediaTek processor

During yesterday, the Xiaomi sub-brand began the reservations of the new Redmi Note 8 . A new generation of the mid-range Redmi that after only 1 million reserves in its first 24 hours predict an uncertain future.

Probably, the idea we have today of what will be the Redmi Note 8 is not at all the same as we would have imagined a few weeks ago. And, after knowing officially that it will be a MediaTek Helio G90T in charge of giving life to this new smartphone, many fans of the Chinese firm and in general any follower of the main mobile phone brands, have shown to be totally disappointed before This new decision by Xiaomi.

It is not for less, since it is necessary to take into account that MediaTek has earned a very bad reputation for itself , not only because of the fact of not assiduously releasing the corresponding drivers in order to have a higher level of scene , but because of the few updates that smartphones and tablets that mount their processors usually receive .

Only one million reservations in 24 hours

Now, after 24 hours since the Redmi Note 8 reservations began, the company has announced, as if it were a successful fact, to have achieved one million reservations. A fairly low figure if we compare it with other current devices such as the Redmi K20, also known in its global version as Xiaomi Mi 9T.

Redmi Note 8 receives only 1 million reservations after 24 hours. Xiaomi Addicted News

Redmi publication on Weibo announcing the million Redmi Note 8 reservations.

Specifically, as reported by the MiAparato medium, in just 24 hours the Redmi K20 already had 2.7 million reserves . A fact that is aggravated if we take into account that the reservation of Redmi Note 8 is totally free, while for the Redmi K20, a deposit of 10 yuan had to be disbursed .

Undoubtedly, quite alarming figures, since after the great success of Redmi Note 7 the most logical thing is to have high expectations of its successors. Something that is not happening at all with this new Note 8 range that predicts a rather uncertain future and a fairly low acceptance like the one that the Xiaomi Mi A3 has had.

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