Redmi K20 Pro receives a new update correcting several of its main mistakes

In early summer it was when the Xiaomi sub-brand began marketing its Redmi K20 Pro. A new smartphone equipped with a powerful Snapdragon 855 that has reached the global market as the Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro .

Now, the MIUI development team has released a new update for the Chinese version of MIUI 10 , partially correcting several errors that many users had complained about since its launch.

Specifically, this new version is the MIUI 10 3.5.0.PFKCINXM , occupies a total of 446MB and among its improvements we find the control or elimination of the annoying background noise that was heard intermittently through your speaker or headphones when we had set a low volume level.

New MIUI 10 v10.3.5.0.PFKCINXM update for the Redmi K20 Pro. Xiaomi Addicted News

New MIUI 10 3.5.0.PFKCINXM update for the Redmi K20 Pro

In addition, the possibility of blocking users from the Google contact list has been included, the operation of the fingerprint animation that sometimes was hidden or showed strange behaviors, as well as various errors related to the duration display has been corrected of a call.

You can also read: The latest development version of MIUI 10 will arrive this August 30. MIUI 11 is already on its way.

A new update that arrives in order to continue polishing those small details and errors that the Redmi K20 Pro has included since its launch. Also, it is expected that this update will end up coming in the coming weeks to the Global version for the Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro, a new smartphone that will be released this August 26 .

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