Redmi AirDots headphones have proved a success: 1 million units sold every month

Gradually the main mobile phone manufacturers have been replacing much of the physical connections to give rise to new wireless technologies. An example of this is the wireless headphones , new devices that have arrived to meet the needs of all those who "hate" the cables or who have simply seen how new smartphones have been forgetting the audio jack connection .

That is why Xiaomi has a wide range of wireless headphones, whether they are the Xiaomi AirDots, the AirDots Pro or those of the Redmi sub-brand. All of them with specific characteristics but in the end, the cheap Redmi AirDots have managed to be the best sellers, achieving record figures .

Specifically, as the company has published through Weibo, these wireless headphones have reached a number of sales of up to 1 million units per month . A fairly high figure that is mainly given by its high build quality, high sound quality and also maintain an affordable price for any pocket . And, today we can buy these headphones for only 17 euros, about $ 19 to change from this link on AliExpress .

Redmi AirDots are a success and reach 1 million units sold per month. Xiaomi Addicted News

Redmi AirDots, the cheapest Xiaomi wireless headphones

Redmi AirDots become the cheapest wireless headphones of the Xiaomi sub-brand. Specifically, these headphones have a charging case capable of protecting and charging them by simply inserting each headset inside.

They have a Bluetooth 5.0 connection and an autonomy of up to 4 hours thanks to its 40mAh battery that are increased up to 12 hours thanks to the charge supplied by its 300mAh case. Each headset weighs only 4.2 grams and features the Realtek 8763 chip, offering great sound quality, noise reduction (DSP) and integrated microphone.

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