Polish women are the champions of black and white photographs of children. Here are the best photos of the B&W Child competition

Penetrating glances, sadness, with an admixture of surprise and smile. Emotions dominate in the photos of children awarded in the B&W Child 2019 competition, although not always the positive ones.

B&W Child is one of the largest and most prestigious children's photography competitions in the world. And although the organizers do not give great awards, the photographic level is at a very high level. As every year, also in 2019, there is a lot of credit to Polish photographers.

The competition is divided into two parts, taking place in the first and second half of each year. In both of them there are winners, distinguished, nominated. At the end of the year, after the end of the second part, the jury selects the main winner who will receive 1,000 euros. Pictures are divided into four categories: Portrait, Fine Art, Lifestyle and Doc & Street. As the name suggests, only black and white photographs are accepted.

Polish women on the podium and among the awarded

We could literally see the results of the first part of the competition. Very good news flowed from them to the Vistula. On the podium of three of the four categories you can find Polish names!

Kamila J. Gruss took the first place in the Fine Art category

2nd place in the Documentary & Street category for Ani Wibig

3rd place in the Portrait category in the hands of Mariola Glajcar

There is also a large group of distinguished and nominated Polish women. The title of Honorable Mention was awarded to Kamila Celary-Kmiecik and Maja Pajączkowska in the Portrait category and Magdalena Adamczak, Katarzyna Wiśniewska and Marta Szyszka in the Lifestyle category. Hanna Derecka, Angelika Żeleźnicka, Anna Sas-Milewska, Agnieszka Pazdykiewicz, Anna Zakrzewska, Joanna Milcarz and Emilia Wilgosz-Peter were nominated. Congratulations to all ladies!

The awarded photos present a high level

The B&W Child competition is not only photos from Poland. A lot of great frames were awarded. You can see some of them below. The category winners are Antoine Jonquiere from France (Portrait), Helen Whittle from Australia (Lifestyle) and Ya Kuang from China (Doc & Street). In the category, as I have already written, Kamila J. Gruss from Poland was awarded.

Sadness, penetrating gaze and a woman's hand

Looking through the awarded photos, I immediately get a few thoughts. In the portraits of children I am struck by seriousness, sadness, reflection or fear. In unpositioned photographs, these emotions also dominate.

Only a handful of photos show child carefree, fun, smile. This is not what we expect after several years of children. These are very good photos, but I just wonder why no one shows a sincere smile, love, satisfaction. This is not a war photo report. Is it getting harder and harder to find small models who have such emotions? Or maybe they are also missing among the creators of photos? If so, it's a shame. If this is a deliberate trend, I definitely don't support it.

And finally, a small curiosity: after seeing the results, I realized that women themselves were awarded in the competition from Poland. Ladies dominate the rest of the competition. Case? I do not think so!

Polish women are the champions of black and white photographs of children. Here are the best photos of the B&W Child competition


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