Photo of the day: How to deceive face recognition algorithms with jewelery or scarves?

Design in the service of privacy. Face scarves, masking patterns and eccentric jewelery are the answer to facial recognition.

Ubiquitous cameras equipped with the ability to recognize faces are worrying more and more people. There is a growing resistance movement against a mindless bugging of everything, according to the dogma that it is certainly safer with a camera over your head. Although the most important thing is to convince lawmakers that permanent surveillance is not synonymous with security and is a threat to it, there are also solutions that go differently. One that can come in handy if the first one fails nowhere.

One of them is the Incognito project, for which the Polish designer Ewa Nowak won the first place in the man category in the Mazda Design 2019 competition.

Deceive the algorithm in the eye of the camera

The mask made by the artist is adapted to the shape of the wearer's face. Its strategically placed elements are to prevent the algorithm from successfully recognizing the face. Two brass plates fall to the cheeks, and the third protrudes proudly in front of the forehead. Yes, the whole thing looks quite bizarre, but it's a bizarre nearer to the haute couture extravagance than the aluminum caps worn by 5G enemies .

This is not the first and certainly not the last project of this type. CV Dazzle offers ways to deceive facial recognition using extremely expressive makeup and a well-arranged hairstyle. In the case of disturbed proportions that offer specific stylizations, the algorithms get lost and are unable to identify that they are dealing with a human face.

Adam Harvey, who was behind the project, also created a much more traditional-looking headscarf. HyperFace has been decorated with shapes that have algorithms to resemble human faces and draw their attention in this way.

The face of a person who carries a specific pattern with him begins to get lost in the midst of facial buzz. This idea is not about modifying the appearance of the face itself, so it will not attract so many surprised looks of ordinary passers-by. His idea is based on the introduction of false information in the face and mistake algorithms in this way.

Facial recognition algorithms have been controversial for a long time, but there is still too little going on.

The solutions proposed by the designers remain rather in the sphere of curiosities, eccentric choices and symbols of resistance against Panopticon walls slowly closing around us. Face recognition technology is a constant source of controversy. Loss of privacy on such a mass scale and the possibility of abuse, which is not only potentially related to it, should raise concern for everyone . Even the owners of the largest technology companies, who develop their own algorithms themselves, call for regulating the development and use of face recognition. The legislators are also increasingly asking for doubts. In May, Sam Francisco banned police and other government agencies from using this technology.

Photo of the day: How to deceive face recognition algorithms with jewelery or scarves?


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