Orange Polska is expanding its offer. Customers can send money from Poland to Ukraine free of charge

Orange Polska and the PayUkraine money transfer service have announced the start of cooperation. The partners are aimed at acquiring new customers among people who came from Ukraine.

Ukrainians come to Poland mainly to earn money, which they later send to their family who remained in their homeland. According to NBU estimates, in 2018 Ukrainians sent $ 10.88 billion from abroad to home, 3.6 billion from Poland to Ukraine. dollars.

Orange Polska and Polish fintech, founded by Belarusians, PayUkraine decided to take advantage of the opportunity and launched a joint campaign in which they offer Orange Polska customers to make free transfers to Ukraine in the first three months.

What is the offer?

Orange Polska customers will be able to make transfers from Poland to Ukraine to the Privatbank card free of charge within three months from the date of the first transfer. The minimum amount of one transfer is PLN 10, the maximum is PLN 2,000. zł. The total amount of transfers that can be sent free within 90 calendar days is 7.5 thousand. euro.

Krzysztof Branicki, responsible at Orange Polska for cooperation with PayUkraine, added that to take advantage of the promotion, the customer should make the first transfer between August and October 10, 2019. Orange's partnership with PayUkraine should help better tailor the operator's offer to the needs of Ukrainian citizens residing in Poland .

How it's working?

To send money from Poland to Ukraine as part of the campaign, open the My Orange application, go to the My Deals tab, select Affiliate , then press PayUkraine . Then register on the transfer service page, providing your number, which belongs to the Orange network.

According to PayUkraine representatives, the campaign covers both new customers and regular customers. All transfers will be credited to the recipient's Privatbank card in Ukraine on the same day.

A way to acquire new customers for PayUkraine

Today, nearly 10,000 people use PayUkraine services. Ukrainians in Poland, the company's founders hope to attract thousands of new users through cooperation with a telecom.

- Until now, we have acquired clients only on our own. Cooperation with a telecom gives us access to thousands of potential users. However, we can offer an advantage over the competition, because solving the problem of home transfers is very high on the list of priorities of employees from beyond the eastern border - says Evgeny Chamtonau, president of PayUkraine in an interview with PulsBiznes .

In turn, Orange Polska does not indicate how many Ukrainians use the operator's services.

According to Krzysztof Branicki, the telecom registers tens of thousands of new users from Ukraine per month.

In 2018, Selectivv DMP conducted a survey showing that 40 percent Ukrainians residing in Poland use the services of the Play operator, 37% - T-Mobile, while with Orange - 13 percent The study consisted of counting smartphones with the Russian or Ukrainian language set in Poland, the sample was 600,000. users.

Special SIM card with the PayUkraine logo

The campaign promoting Orange Polska and PayUkraine cooperation covers both electronic channels and traditional branches. Banners with the offer can already be found in the My Orange application.

The Orange representative informs that the leaflets promoting the service will appear in several thousand shops, kiosks, as well as at train and bus stations. In promotional materials, Ukrainians will find the regulations in their native language, explaining step-by-step the rules of using PayUkraine services.

To attract the attention of Ukrainians, a special batch of SIM cards with the PayUkraine logo will go on sale this week.

Orange Polska is expanding its offer. Customers can send money from Poland to Ukraine free of charge


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