Now you will get up to three months of free Spotify Premium tests. How much competition does it give?

Spotify has announced that it is extending the Premium trial period to three months. Let's enjoy this generosity, although I suspect it's pressure from the growing number of Apple Music users.

Until recently, Spotify was the undisputed leader of streaming music services, with a significant advantage over popularity against Tidal, Deezer or others. However, since Apple Music exists, the leader's advantage has begun to melt away. It is hardly surprising: Apple Music is not only great, like Spotify, it is also the default service of its kind for users of Apple products.

Probably it was this influx of users that was the leading motive for this generosity from Spotify. If you decide to test the service as a new user, the first 90 days of its paid version do not involve any fees. Up to now it has been 30 days.

90 days Spotify Premium on trial, no fee. And what exactly does the paid version give?

The free version of the Spotify service does not allow you to download songs to the device's memory, relying only on the stream directly from the server - which is a problem when we have a small data packet, we are roaming or without network coverage. In Spotify Premium, we will also not hear ads between songs, we have no limits in choosing the next songs to play or switch them.

Spotify Premium costs PLN 20 a month for everyone, PLN 10 a month for students, PLN 30 a month in a family version (six separate accounts) and PLN 25 a month for two people living at the same address.

Three months of music for free. And how much competition does it give?

Almost all music services want a subscription fee to operate without any restrictions. Let's see who and how much time gives us time to experiment.

  • Apple Music : 90 days
  • Deezer : 30 days
  • Tidal : 30 days
  • Google Play Music and YouTube Music : 30 days

It is clear that, above all, market leaders are pushing one another over who will give more. The rest of the leading services give us 30 days, which - in truth - probably probably are enough to determine if the service suits us. Although it is worth bearing in mind that if we want to save a lot, the leaders will provide us with a 270-day free adventure with music. Although I encourage you to choose this one, specific service. You don't even know how many wonderful bands I met because my Spotify has been following my taste for years and knows what to propose to me.

Now you will get three months of free Spotify Premium tests. How much competition does


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